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Explanation that goes with it and everything i do going forward the email address is dwilson at bloomberg dot net that's dwilson at bloomberg dot net just a reminder that you don't look at a number just as the holy got to kind of dig deeper interior to understand what it's comprised i've absolutely nice staff bloomberg com dave wilson all right let's get to another story that certainly caught our attention snack just like that thanks to an ipo we've got the ceo crowned the king of pay for twenty seventeen alicia richie is bloomberg news executive compensation reporter she joins us in our bloomberg eleven three oh studio right here in new york city that was a hint snap number one is evan spiegel from snap this is because of the ipo definitely is because of the ipo he had a large equity stake three percent of the outstanding shares when they went public so that's going to really boost his compensation surprised when you start putting this list together yeah definitely the fact that there are two individuals from the tech companies that have based compensation that was a surprise also the surprise being that private equity really high up there it used to be i feel like when we would go through these types of lists that it was often financial types but it was also kind of your traditional wall street firms the big banks and so on where you'd see those folks at the top of the list and you're right it's it's technology and private equity yeah let's go through some of the names evan is number one so five hundred four million dollars in two thousand seventeen who's a number two so number two scott nuttal jason sorry joseph bay both from and they were also promoted to co presidents this year so we have a little bit of a combination of promotion awards but a lot of equity and carried interest exactly carried interest payments that's been a big story we've been talking awful lot about succession among some of the big financial firms whether it's big banks or whether it's private equity and we've seen a lot of folks.

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