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There have been many more experiences of someone saying hey how can i help and coming through and really doing amazing raising things to support our shows and we have to trust as much as we have to be afraid so so it's this take care of yourself. Don't harp is fully. Put yourself physically at risk but also trust people an amazing things it can happen. I heard an interview from paul mccartney and he said that in the early days people would come up to the house where they had the studio and they would just a lot of men become listen to the recording yeah. I was just like what you know it to me is like you here. You have this this legend in music and you know the the the members of that band or just you know. No one is more economy and they were letting people the street come into the recording sessions. That just is kind of like what they blew me away but it was a different time. You know what it was back. In the free love time that's right. That's right kumbaya going on can you and no one was going to tweet the location of their studio. Imagine day you are hanging <music> out in that. You happen to play a lot and you're like mates. I'll be recording whenever they're going to be recording and only the people from the bar. Our and their friends are going to show up. Nowadays you do the same thing a few people tweeted and then you end up with ten thousand people trying to get in but can you imagine the take did the opportunity to go in and sat on a recording session your party. That's just as a store you carry for life anyway. I taught i thought i'd throw that out there because i was just astounded when when i heard it but <hes> anyway so go ahead rag on my thought on the whole topic is that i i i agree with pamela around the topic of for every one bad experience which i have to say and i maybe i've been really lucky but i i haven't had any bad experiences with being being out there for in being being visible on the internet for the the twenty years that i've been doing this. I mean i say have been..

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