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There's pat Godwin in the performance room. Hey, chick. Hey, we're gonna get a song right now. Squeeze his head till the song comes out. There's Josh Arnold. There's ace Cosby. Hey, mama, buddy. There's Willie griswold. Hey, buddy. I'm chick McGee. And here's Tom griswold. Hello, Tom. Pat, yes. Good weekend. Yeah, I wanted to see my mommy. All right. Up north. Okay. Yeah. I am other's day. How'd that go? Yeah, so ball moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. Christy? I had a great Mother's Day. Even graduated from college. No one disappointed you in any way. Oh, God. Did you go see? I'm just saying. Did you see your mom? Yes, we had a party after in the evening and everybody came over and father in law was great. Finally got around to seeing me, I guess. Fighting the day. Oh my gosh. She loved her gift. It was a good day. Well, very nice. Did I just say something really quick about this ceremony? What? No, this is major college university. The big stage and they have a big screen in the background and there's just a video play, right? Of the lovely fountain that's on campus. It's on a loop. Like 40 seconds, maybe 45 second loop. About 40 seconds into the loop, a guy skateboards by. On the phone. Not distracting, let me tell you. It continues through the whole ceremony. So why not? Every time that the skateboarder came by, we would like giggles so much, it was like they didn't edit that out. Weird. And this was on a Sunday. We've had was it a loop? We got commencement on Friday, two, three on Saturday, and I'm on Sunday morning. They still had an edited that. I mean, it would have taken seconds to edit that and put that back on a loop. Nobody would know that it was so funny. Actually, the skateboard guy skateboard was a director. He's an 8 domain. He used to be in everything he just shot him on his way in Alfred Hitchcock. Had I been producing, I would have the guy come out live as the show was over and just skateboard across. I would have gone nuts, what it was so cool. It was a good idea. Well, I'm glad it glad it went well. Yes, it did. Yeah, you were on the road. Went up to see my mom. Brought her some flowers, stop at the gas station, got her some flowers. Oh, very good. I hear that guy. The gas station flower guy. And an energy shot, nice. They'll marry flowers, I call them. God. Oh well, wish you made the effort. And I'm a little tender today because I also was hungry and I got something to eat at the gas station. That was not good. How dare you? That's my favorite meal. Yes. Gas station sandwiches. And you like the random chicken salad tuna salad. So yeah, those are typically good. Gloves, some local lady throws them together and poor boy. They're the best sandwiches you'll ever have. At the Exxon was the display I was startling. Thought what the heck? So I add it. Now I regret it. Gas station sushi. Although a savage wasn't hot. Sashimi was great. I should have thought past exploration good explanation. For puking sushi this is a super bowl. I guess it smelled too fishy. Like a tuna trawler in the sun Sue my insides got squishy whoops, excuse me, fellas. I gotta run. I'm back. My stomach's rumbling. My face is splotchy. Next time I bust steak and use a hibachi, but I kept grinning. I wipe my chin in. 8 more sushi. This is a G. That was my weekend, baby. Yeah. Well, your

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