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Those kinda guys, I always look for the, he's like a of my thirteen years. You know, the main thing I learned stay out of the way. People seem to like you just walked by and do like the finger gun to that guy. Love my coat. That's pretty much it. Like that or you have to get like a tete like I can't remember. Who's Payton who Payton had like the same backup forever. He had Curtis painter for awhile, but those someone else to. Yeah, there was somebody and it was just like, yeah, this is Payton's get like, fuck so bad, but he's like it pains. I like him around. He's a, no, he's not going to challenge me. He tells joke, he mixes a good drink. Let me say important. I'm trying to get painter was the next guy? Yeah. Let's say it was Jim Sergey said, are you think of the word? I think it is Saudi. Let me say if I can find another one that was out four colts. What I'm trying to. I think it will. It must have been Sergey. I'm trying to along was he Zaka Sergey was still there when I was six. Is there from Fourtou. Nine? Yeah, six round pick got ring. And even listening. I'm sure he's Faria come, oh boy. Career f. l. civic sixteen to one pick. No, but Payton sold bag. That's what nine hundred twenty nine passing yards. Eighty nine point. Nine QB. Maybe that's why pay kept him around. He's keeps me sharp. So he does color commentary. Now. Yeah, who I'm trying to think. There was Peterson and far of had another one that was kind of. Alphonsus became like better than him. Brunell Hasselbeck projects, Jimmy man. Tide detmer. Tide Dammar noted better than bread, five quarterback for sure. It just seemed like the moat lake somebody right now. Should be like, if like Baker Mayfield I'm, you'll get that. That's what what should have been broken? Robeco Baker, I'm your guy. Like as long as bakers is like, do you want to keep him around? Yes, we'll keep an one pick up resigned to another when you do. Yeah, it's gotta be if plays cars, he cut hair like easy. He's really good. Domino's is good. Good. Good. Hang. I like watching like old NFL network stuff like Chris Redman the Duda Louisville. Oh, yeah. He hung run falcons. Oh yeah. But when he got draft, it was to Baltimore gas to Baltimore. They had him. And he was like, obviously, projected to be a starter like in a year or two. But those things I had him fucking doing during the game to seem like too much work like he had to chart every play, like what they, what kind of formation there and what kind of formation the defense was out in what personnel was out there like, I'm I'm not tone of here to do coast. Yeah, that seems a little much. Yeah, so I'm sure that's what like Whitehurst had to do because he always had fucking like a pen in his handle. Yeah, that's. But I guess if you're trying to make the transition long-term to like offensive coordinators, I'm shed, I could definitely or if you want to be good at quarterback. I could definitely see the dividends. It would pay, but I'm not with it. She's yes, Sergey went six years without a start printing on a red red now. Is that all start named Pat Ryan. That went, it was a backup quarterback from Jesus Christ, nineteen seventy eight to ninety. One. And now they said he never started the football references. He did, but either way it's pretty good. Yeah, that's Danko. Early insurance, Dan, he's, he's the gold standard right now who is has Rogers backup who got the the bag from Seattle, Matt Flynn, after land. He had that. He had that short run. That one game is very short. England. Was that a new? Oh, yeah. Wow. We're like, sick, don't have to play Rogers. Fucking Flynn comes and hang plays better than Rogers ever has..

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