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Listens i buy that and so we just didn't about face and we made him a lot more slender and a lot more i don't know like a kind of scrappy survivalist evolutionary creature rather than what an ignorant person in the beginning like me thought was like i just wanna cool as creature with picks on it's like thank god we didn't do that that would have been a disaster but people in the film business argue all the time about things that don't exist at all but with with incredible certainty of the creature would definitely be this way not that way there's a a great book of memos executives wished they never said it was compiled by somebody worked at hbo years ago and i'm not sure if this is the i'm not sure if that's the title that subtitled because the cover is is a script page with an executive angry handwriting on it saying a martian would never say this with such certainty so made me think of that the creature would definitely be this way not that way that's question yeah for sure i mean again it sounds like a broken record but when i let's put it this way i don't think you anyone would look at my name and be like dak dude is gonna direct a horror movie i mean i certainly wouldn't i knew i wouldn't i was looking for something that i connected to in my heart and i know that sounds like a weird like i said a hallmark card when i was doing the office i remember this moment where greg daniels who created the show said to me totally randomly one day he said you know.

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