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I think you're always a reflection of the collaboration amongst the coaches and the players that you're working with and i thought brandon did a great job of empowering his staff putting our players in the right positions and then ultimately did such a good job that he earned the right to compete for head coaching jobs. In in one the one that op in you know in l. a. with the chargers excited for him. Brian answer okay. Before we get to the email here. There's one more before we get to the voicemail. There's one more email that i thought was funny. I don't think i. I haven't seen one email about this question. I don't think i've ever heard anyone ask a coach about this. He wants to know about what you think about. Coin tosses at the start of the game and if you have a philosophy on coin tosses he says one thing that i've always wondered is why teams keep deferring when they win last year teams scored i regardless of three or seven won the game fifty five percent of the time. I know the argument. Is you wanna score at the end of the half and double up at the beginning of the third but my math wrong here. Why do people still insist on deferring. Yeah but i mean who scores. I mean that. That doesn't necessarily mean takes it. I mean we're still talking about a fifty five forty five percent discrepancy. I would say this you know there. I thought you were asking about whether you call heads or tails at. Oh you have that answer that too. I know what i defer to our players on that you know. Whatever they feel is cooper cup like to have a lot of an influence on whatever jared would call and he was was uncanny the amount of coin tosses one when we were when we were actually making that decision. But you know i think. In a lot of instances it's about trying to steal that possession at the end you know based on how you wanna play out the first half is trying to get possession kind of a two for one if you will where you get a possession before you go into the half and then you know you're getting it out getting it coming out of the half but like do you have a philosophy. Does it change game by game. What you're gonna do good. I mean i would say this for the most part said the overarching philosophy. What i've done the majority of the time would be defer but if you felt like hey man you know need some momentum or we're gonna come out we're gonna we've talked to the team about. Hey we're taking the ball. We're going to go right down the field and score. You know you might take the ball. I but if you said general philosophy not kind of pigeonhole on yourself into an all encompassing approach. The weather plays a factor. The wind all of those things. Are that this the things that would be the outliers that you can't be naive to ignore as a head. Coach generally speaking if the weather and the elements or if this specific approach by that week typically difference you get the ball coming out of the second half and you try to be smart with how that thing You know unfolds and and maybe get a two for one at the end of the first half like if you're going up against my home. Rogers what's the play. There is it like we don't want. I mean that one of those deals is ever matter like the player in the other side. Certainly i think it. Does you know if you get behind on these teams and are some of these teams that put the you know. Put their frigging foot on your throat. that's something that i would certainly dictate a determined. Maybe a little bit different response. But it'd be a week by week but but overall you know. I'm up typically deferring which i think is You know kind of a standard operating not necessarily standard. But i would think that's the majority of the the league's approach if you just look at what guys did when they won the coin. Toss this past year. Okay all right. Let's get to voicemail. Who coach question for you at the ninety-four biki such bring down the end of the night so that you can get to sweet and do you keep a notepad and a pen next to the bed if you got a deal to unwind yourself out the about the and then the next day how do you start off. How do you can keep yourself in check so that you're focused mentally and emotionally peek at team time and you don't get too high earlier in the day. Love the ear your take on your thank. It's a good question. I would say this Peter mentioned it. My man whitworth talked about how he doesn't like to talk to me through tuesday through until friday afternoon. I think it's trusting in the preparation. You try to settle down. I always try to get a good amount asleep especially the two nights preceding the game. So that you're a sharp. Because i am a big believer in how much that affects your mental clarity. And the ability to make sound decisions in an be Be steady throughout the course of the inevitable ebbs and flows that a game entails. But if the weekly rhythm alignment and you trust your process and your players in the people around you. I really don't have trouble sleep in the night before game and then typically what i'll do is i'll get up Want to try to make them getting eight hours asleep. You get up and usually go through some form of a workout to kind of get good sweat in and then you're kind of going through You know playing the game before the game with a lot of the decisions especially as a play caller You know what's the best way to to put all three phases together but it's more just kind of reviewing your call. She your calls playing the game within the game I typically emma guy. That i i do a lot of that kind of is not last minute. But you're getting those thoughts together for a couple of hours preceding the game and then i'll come out. You know probably about forty five minutes you know when we're warming up before kickoff. I'm not one of those guys that's out there a few hours before. I'm usually in kind of a quiet space and get my thoughts together and then You know that's that's kind of that that rhythm in that process that will go through but really don't have trouble sleep in the night before game as long as you feel like You know the weekly rhythm is in alignment with all the things you believe and thursday nights are maybe the only exception to that. If i feel like we've got to Condensed six days into three from my standpoint. My saturdays have changed drastically so i used to do sidelines and i used to report on games and saturday. Night was just one of great excitement for sunday. Because i knew. I no matter what story was going to unfold and share that with either my readers or the viewers. I'll never forget. Sam rosen a lot of people as the voice of the new york rangers hockey for years. That fox games and i would occasionally do games with them and his tradition loved..

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