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It means that they're concerned about that. Exact question and yet they'll happily scream at you about the fact that that's crazy talk. It says if the tissues were the technology where the technology localize is the rene include the reproductive organs. It is conceivable that some instances of germline alteration meaning that it permanently alters your genome might be possible and guess what the study found. The commercial product was found in the testes. Here's the documentation right here as well as by the way the brain and the coleman now recognized that this is alarming that they're talking about these genetic material that they're putting they're telling you will immediate will just disappear right. How many times have we heard that that. they're telling. The protein will work for months and it will go away at all. Just flush away and it's all good. Oh or maybe not. Maybe there's a reason or maybe they're just incompetent or maybe there's much more going on here than we know about. It says the answer to the question of whether the vaccines might change the human germline. Introducing hereditary variation is likely but again he says the frequency which such an event or whom it might be. More likely is just unknown. And that's the point we don't know and that's enough to be concerned now neuroscientist. Chris shaw recently discussed study with big tree on the high wire focusing primarily on the issue that the viral protein was found in the brain. Remember we just. We just showed you the doctor talking about exactly that. How much of this goes. In the brain using nanoparticles and can be expected to induce the innate immune response in the brain potentially contributing to mike Microbial activation immune cells in the brain that are stimulated to respond to viral infections or other foreign substances. The question of whether you should be concerned or not as a personal one he says. But it says we have learned from dr anthony. Fao cheap that the emory vaccines might not actually confer immunity and it might not prevent transmission and point is they won't because they didn't pay to do that tells ax himself. Said it says and also dr fauci. The current vaccines might not prove effective against new variants of these things are being floated and yet nonetheless. We're still being pushed on this. As if this is an answer. But i think it's quite clear guys that the science at the very least is not over. It's not done. It's not complete which is never the case by the way only liar say that scientists never finished. It's always open ended with new information coming in every day. Right i mean if we have dot gov that forever but here we can clearly see that. There's enough evidence to suggest that this is possible. I would argue much more than that but just to be completely objective here the end of the day. This is a big deal and does a lot of very intelligent people. Dr lions wiler. Phd telling you that. This is very likely or at least likely as well as multiple studies..

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