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I'm not gonna with Jennifer Angler is with me, of course from the Orlando Law Group. She joins us every single week here on the show, Jennifer we're talking about, Um, of course, getting your business started and that deadline made for First is coming up. I'm not sure if you wanted to get into some of the reasons why this is we're doing it for nonprofits. But we were talking about fictitious names and how you have to renew that every five years, So I'm not sure where you wanted to jump to next. Well, you brought up business licenses, which is a really smart thing to have brought up the You really don't need me for this show. But since we're here, uh, business slices, and this is something that even I sometimes forget to renewed, so it's a good thing to be bringing up. Any business. Even if your home base is supposed to have a business license, and depending in what county and what city or in, you might need multiple ones. Pretty much every business needs a county business license for the county that you're in, Um, they do come and inspect sometimes even home based businesses. There's inspectors that come out and inspect. Because, of course that they find out you don't have when they give you a fine, um, if you're like a brick and mortar, they want to see it put in your business somewhere. But even like I said, home based businesses will come check because they could check sunbiz and they know what people have businesses. Um, some cities like like, like, if the city of Orlando for sure has one. And like we had our office and like known as depending on where we are office wasn't like known as in some spots. We needed a city of Orlando license incense places He didn't The city of Casselberry is especially stringent on their business license. I'd say they're about the worst, uh, in locally like they'll come get you and find you if you don't have one. So, um, I mean, it's a way for the cities and the county to get revenues so they wanted, so I'm like I said that That's a place where you could find yourself owing money that you really didn't need to. But those do need to be renewed every year. Most places let you do it online. Especially now since Covid. Um so that's just something that you should be thinking about. If you're doing something I mean, a lot of other licenses are needed for some types of businesses. Also everything from like, like if you're a hairdresser, and you're doing it from your house, if you like. There's all kinds of crazy things that need licenses in the state of Florida. So if you're doing something that you think might eat a license again. You might wanna Google if you're a little bit confused. About what the, UM What the requirements are for what you're going to do. Then ask a lawyer because they do call the fines and things that could come from just something that would be real easy to fix. You just don't want to mess with that. But it's just stuff. People don't think about when they get started because they're excited. Yeah. What I would you suggest that someone gets a lawyer for that process, Or is it just Hey, you have to figure out whether or not you need the license for how tough of a processes that I guess to navigate. I agree. I mean, anybody starting a business should talk to some professional, even if it's just an accountant, because the other big piece of getting your business started as setting it up right for tax purposes because there's some stuff that you do that you just can't walk back or you can, But then you have to change the name and start over. Um, So I like I mean, in a perfect world. Everybody talks to a lawyer for a little bit and an account for a little bit before they get started. Or once they start making money, at least at a minimum, talked to an accountant, and then they're usually if they work with businesses are going to know what to tell you to go to a lawyer. I mean, yes. You're doing anything more than last. If you're just doing stuff on a sell them some stuff on at on the side. You're making mass because you're good at sewing or whatever. You don't need to be spending a lot of money on a lawyer and all that kind of stuff. But if you're doing anything that you really plant it, try to make a good run at make some money at. Um if you're going to have clients or customers and be dealing with contracts, and all that getting a lawyer just makes a whole lot of sense and at least the expense deductible. And they should save you a lot of money in the long run quite honestly, because people just don't know this stuff. And even if you google I mean, I look for good resources because we like to share them on our website and stuff, And there's not a whole lot of really good stuff out there because no business is the one size fits all. I mean, there's 1000 different ways to do it and there's just really no good source. I mean, you could certainly do it yourself and figure it out. Get on Sundays. But if you're going to really make money or grow at all, you're eventually going to need some sort of lawyer and usually I could save people money and they come to me from the start. That's my goal. There you go. Of course, that's always the goal and you can get in touch with the great people at the Orlando Law Groups office at 407512. 4394 more with Jennifer angler coming up. If you have a question for Jennifer, you can get that question at 84458093 to 6. That's 84458093 to 6 here on Wdbo..

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