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Isn't it to say. Oh they're just missing gosh in tape. And they're being murdered murdered. So we've been you know. There's a lot of activists in canada that have been you know working with all their hearts to to make people aware turn this around and make Create change and i think as artists that's one of our jobs also is to join their voices Whether it be lawyers that are doing this or straight out octopus or women's groups or mans that that we bring attention to it So you know obviously missing was a call to do that. through These extrordinary voices. You know exactly what you're saying you know. Some of our. Our leading singers and artists were able to embody this in being their voice to it and how profound was to see them on stage and and be at the top of their craft. Be at the top of their power To say you know this is enough. You know where where we need this to change now. Absolutely dumb. I have to point out the the there was a a good percentage of this opera. I mean we talk about bilingual operas. This was in english and gets on and and I heard part of the do i. When when the native girl an eva were singing the duet mirroring each other's words and gets on an english. It stopped the entire room. It was so beautiful and it was always a part of the plan. Not a i think the basically with round on being able to access An all in all ways the language of the character so that we could say well. This is what she this was from. This was This was a language original language and so that became very important. I think language is important to to bring into the conversation in into dialogue. But i think as you can see from that duet it really lifted it up into a new A higher place because we're looking at You know a non-indigenous woman and we're looking at an indigenous woman and and they can finally see each other. Despite the fact they don't speak the same language despite the fact that their skin might be different. Despite the fact that they're you know the privilege might be different that they can still see each other. And i think that's partly what i was trying to get to a as a writer to be able to say we have to be able to see each other so that we can see change the n..

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