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As much as four inches. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says Saudi Arabia has told him their investigation into the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi will not spare anyone including royals. Here's CBS's Holly Williams crown prince and secretary of state, Mike Pompeo rules, smiles when they make Pompeo said that Saudi leaders had given him there would bell fully investigate has shown. Jeez. Disappearance an editorial in the Washington Post the paper for which Jamal has G wrote accused the Trump administration of a quote, diplomatic cleanup operation. President Trump wants Turkey to turn over any audio or video relating to them. Meantime, Turkish officials have said kashogi was murdered in the Saudi consulate an Istanbul which Saudi officials have denied this developing story from Washington tonight, the New York Times reporting White House counsel, Don Mcgann has left the administration after twenty one months on the job. The time says mcgann's departure was confirmed by two associates close to him. There had been speculation that Mcgann would be leaving the administration sometime in the fall. Boston city councillors unanimously passed a resolution supporting hotel workers on strike against seven Marriott hotels in the city resolution calls on Boston's and visitors not to patronize the hotels until the striking workers have a new contract and a fair. Wage strike is two weeks old a Brooklyn man free on personal recognizance after his court appearance today and last summer's hit and run involving a bicyclist in Jamaica plain Jonathan Kosta charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of a collision causing injury..

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