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Caught them cheating. We caught them stealing. We caught a fraudulent effort to get votes. And they said, Oh yes, it's true if there was, but there were many of them, but but here's the problem. They were probably 10 2030 times that didn't get God. Meanwhile, President elect Joe Biden sharing a Thanksgiving message on social Media might not be able to join our hands around a table with our loved ones. We can come together as a nation. I know better days are coming. I know how bright our future is. I know the 21st century is going to be an American century. Biden says he remains hopeful the U. S. Will overcome the Corona virus and life will get back to normal and a vote recount requested from the Trump campaign is underway despite the state Ready, certifying President elect Joe Biden as the winner here in Georgia. The presidential recount continues. The margin between President Trump and Joe Biden was just about 12,000 votes with by then the lead so the Trump campaigned asked for a recount. This is actually the third time that the five million presidential ballots will be counted. It's expected to wrap up by December. 2nd, Georgia election officials who have already certified the vote say they do not expect any major changes in the final result. That's Fox's Steve Harrigan reporting. America is listening to Fox News. Yes. Seeing my family for the holidays is my most important tradition. So when my kids said they didn't feel comfortable visiting because of covert 19, I didn't take it that well at first. Do you know what it's okay. I know it's because they care and I don't want anyone.

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