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Central areas, Jobs or technical The nonpartisan but divides do show when it comes to key votes on housing development, City contracting and law enforcement. Kate says he won't be shy, really trying to ensure that we, as a government are mindful of the fact that we rely on taxpayer dollars to provide those resource is not to try to go back to the well multiple times. Kate describes himself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. He joined the council in 2014 when de Mes had a 5 to 4 advantage over Republic. Ian's Democrat registration has exploded since then, with some politicians abandoning the Republican Party. Kate terms out in 2022 says he doesn't plan to seek higher office. Well, it's hard to sum up a year in one word, let alone one with that's why the 2020 Cent candle gives off four aromas. They include banana bread. I guess we've been making a lot of banana bread, hand sanitizer well, Woody musk and budget aftershave. But I the novelty company Flaming crap created the candle to take on a sensual journey through the year. Two of the scents are intended to be a reminder of the Netflix Tiger King. The first batch of candles has been sold. And orders are being taken now for the second batch. Well, I guess it's better than anything coming out of goop. True God. Remember when Tiger King was the biggest story we had? Well, it was march. Yeah, and we were like, Oh, well locked down for a couple of weeks and Netflix and chill. No problem. Boy. All right, The White House press secretary offer some insight into how the Trump administration is feeling this morning. We have your real time traffic in your updated weather in three minutes, Kogo news time 807 American.

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