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So. Oh, please help keep your dog and cat healthy. Well, thank you so much for this. Great information. We really appreciate you taking the time to be on today's show. Thank you for having me. Well, that brings us the end of today show on ER bed by me. Dr Justin lead dot com on Facebook. Dr Justin Lee or Email me any of your pet sessions at Dr just seen at pet life radio dot com with that we're out of time. And once again want to thank Dr missile, Ryan salt and Mark winter, our producer for making this show possible. So you it's an episode every week on demand. Only on live radio dot Hey, art, Kellie, pickler. Hi. This is enlargement show everybody. I'm Rachel is only one station that gives you the scoop on wagging tongues and tails who's lucky hill in end Tinseltown. Life radio. The tail wagging. Victoria, safer, aspiring actress an animal enthusiast is on her own in New York City, follow Victoria, and her two dots ruin echo is. She cares for very Browns and juggles life and career all the while managing to survive in the world's most hectic city, the exciting animal adventures in secret stories from both ends of the leash that make up the tales of the.

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