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One open in all 8 wards. Kids will be able to have some summer fun at turkey thicket or guy mason, all in all 16 spray parks are opening early the rest open Saturday, May 27th, same as outdoor pools run by the city. See a full list head to WTO P dot com. Luke Luger WTO P news. There are some fresh advice out for parents on how to navigate the tricky world involving their kids and social media. New specific recommendations released by the American psychological association urge parents to closely monitor their kids social media content when they are between ten and 14 years old, Tama Bryant is the association's president. One step is around helping your child to have what we call media literacy. That involves telling kids to question the accuracy of what they see on their screen. Just because they read something or hear something in social media doesn't mean it's true. And she says parents should routinely check in to make sure social media is not interfering with schoolwork or causing them to lose sleep. Nick and Ellie WTO P news. The predominance of stay at home moms is long in the past. Most moms are in the marketplace. And on this Mother's Day, we have some new research on today's working moms. New research from consulting firm Robert half is revealing the priorities and concerns of working mothers. 61% are planning to or already looking for a new job. Rupert half district president Meghan slovenski gives the reason why. No more than 90% of them cited workplace flexibility. The pandemic's remote work changed the thinking of many. They want flexibility to meet the obligations both for their employer and for their personal life. Stephen Kauffman CBS News. Coming up a lot of kids tell their moms I love you to the sky. One daughter took that literally. We'll tell you how just they had left 44. Success

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