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Because most people realize that you're talking about the rest of your life and trying to be cancer free. So it's really important as as your. Case it's really important because some of the treatments are really poor for high Gleason cancers right now your little -cation. There is Broadway. Is there a truck parking? 'cause I'd probably bring my big radio. Well, we're on thirty eight and Broadway, and there's commercial parking. If you're talking about bringing a semi in the middle of Manhattan and might be better to take the New Jersey transit or take path train's or close to Penn station. You can walk over about five minute. Walk from Penn station port authority took a bus over. So you're welcome to come anywhere you want. I personally take mass transit because it's so tough driving. A mass transit is quick and cheap. And you don't pay for parking. And whether you come to Penn station or Grand Central report authority just a couple of minutes walk from our office. Thank you, Dr leaving good luck. Ralph bye now this is Dr Liederman talking about cancer for prostate and others. And it's so important to look at the data often, so many men think fall. All sleep that if they have the prostate removed, they're home free as you heard in Ralph's case, if he has a PSA unknown, but a Gleason ten the chance of successful surgery with open surgery robotic surgery is only twenty three percent and most men end up impotent and incontinent of urine meeting leaking urine. So that's why so many men choose not to have surgery, but to do that you need to understand. Why not and why not is to have the data and most places don't give men the data just said that so many people have to choose treatment without having the data, which I think is unfair to the patient. So I believe we're the only center America that actually gives patients data comparison data that you can understand and use.

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