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You wish everybody. There didn't have a gun. I'm thinking of a party where people are on jenex. That's a real good question i would. I would say that in the short term you know in you know if everybody just kinda got out there and got their firearms and you know started working on their training and everything that in in in in the in the short term there might be a few bad circumstances. But i think in the longer term the you know the understanding that that most everyone will be armed. is is is going to. You know be ultimately calming. You would have to form the self-defense laws in the process because there is a very a very narrow scope in which you can defend yourself with a firearm currently without elevating your site tomorrow and and not not so much here in new answer. Well yes here in new hampshire. Like if i walked up to another man and punched him in the face rights. Just me alone. He is not legally authorized to draw down on me for that assault. It doesn't it doesn't elevate to that level he has his life because but contextual textually if you try to rape that man. I'm pretty sure he's allowed to shoot. You still would have to be life threatening event. Really yeah That's a problem. Well life grave bodily harm or Well canada's great bodily harm but it has to be disabling it's why are you claiming that being raped his disabling like you're going to be detained for a little while waffle i. I don't know it seems to me that if if you managed if you shoot somebody with their pants down they were after something. I think you've got a pretty good case. And if you're female yes because even better because the scope is different and and there are a lot of what would happen is is. Is that the you know. The guy would decide that he doesn't want to do the rape so bad right. I do think that You know say open. Carry of weapons. A societal norm of open carry of weapons would probably dissuade certain Crimes and a certain amount of crimes. I'm also saying that it. It's probably just going to rid us of all the people with mental illnesses pretty quickly. Because i can tell you that there are people that i have met in my life that if they had a gun in their hand the way they were acting in a given time i would feel threatened right like. That's it like that's just a little too much for me. They're they're just to looney to have gone and brandished or pointed at you. That's a threat to your life. You draw down you know. They're off their meds or whatever that you know. They're they're they're acting out in the world you know with no no community support to To to be dangerous and people that want to want to act dangerous in front of all of us are you know. They're they're susceptible to the originals. I mean there's the saying that the solution to a bad man with a gun is good man with a gun. Yup and i mean there may be some wisdom to the idea that the solution to a madman with a gun is the same man with a gun so You know people often wanna look at the second amendment. And i don't think crazy people should have guns. It's just a thought that. I have now the difficulty and including temporary insanity of when they're on acid. I think it's a bad. I that's a bad idea You know. perhaps if they're microdosing. I don't know be self solving problem though. Who's a guy with the gun. Just going to brandish. It apparently are pretty cavalier with the notion of Dead people sons lying on the floor because they had a gun. You know and it. I don't think that america's quite ready for that level of callousness towards other folks. I i don't the difficulty is the the difficulty is is when the government. Let me. let me go on here. The government decides to determine hussein. And who's crazy stolen did that and it didn't go well for well. It didn't go well for anyone. Stalin while you don't have that we have red flag loss right a lot of places now whether you go like well. We think he's mentally incapable of possessing. We're just gonna take it based on very bad based on an accusation. Yeah not necessarily evidence. Or i don't like it i say i i would. I would rather that was occurring at the community level. Only not not anywhere about that. The people that know these speaking of community good social dot freetalklive dot com. Join our community in this twitter. Analog where well you don't have to deal with all that stuff. That twitter has its social dot. Freetalklive dot com. It's easy ross. Ulbricht is serving a double life sentence without parole for all non violent charges. He is a first time offender and no victims were named a trial. Ross is condemned to die in a cage because he made a website called silk road that allow people to exchange what they chose using bitcoin. As long as no third party was harmed. Please help sign and share the petition at free. Ross dot org to commute. Russ's sentence and bring him home..

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