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This labor day. What happens when workers have to supply their own acey relevance on another day of triple digit heat in parts of the West? From American public media. This is marketplace. Marketplaces supported by progressive insurance, comparing car insurance rates from multiple insurers, so shoppers can evaluate options in one place. Now, that's progressive comparisons of a level of progressive dot com are 1 800 progressive. And by ex chair office chair dynamic variable lumbar support and tenor economic features for maximum support and comfort at x chair dot com or 8444 Ex chair. And by Fidelity Wealth Management, where advisers work with their clients to develop flexible investment strategies that evolves there needs change. Fidelity dot com slash well, Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. From Baltimore today. I'm Amy Scott in for Kyra Stall. It is Monday, the seventh of September. Good to have you with us this labor day? The holiday weekend brought a record busting heat wave too much of the West Los Angeles recorded its highest temperature ever with part of the city reaching 121 degrees yesterday. And it's been a hotter than average summer across the country, one that many workers experienced from home instead of in their climate controlled offices. So how have remote workers been coping without industrial grade? H VAC systems from the workplace Culture desk now located in one very hot apartment marketplaces, Meghan McCarty Carino has the story. The decades old window. A C in my living room has been a godsend while working from home this summer, but it sounds sort of like a jet engine..

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