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Meanwhile, Valero Energy is reportedly chartered in oil products tanker for gas storage on the Gulf Coast following the cyber attack on the colonial pipeline. This tanker called the nave Titan is currently in the Mississippi River. It's other Louisiana could hold up to 3 to 30,000 barrels of oil. His answers Your thought on the source of the cyber attack on the key pipeline operator, a member of Congress is promising action We have more from Fox's Gurnal, Scott. Colonial pipeline says it is employing an outside firm to investigate the origin and scope of the hack that it says also had an effect on its information technology systems. GOP Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana on NBC's meet the Press, says he's keeping a close eye on this as a member of the Energy Committee. The implications for this for national security cannot be overstated, and I promise you this is something that Republicans and Democrats can work together on Georgia based Colonial pipeline transports more than 100. Million gallons of fuel to the eastern and southern US Gurnal Scott Fox News today. A House oversight committee begins hearings on the January six Capitol attack. Lawmakers will be reviewing counter surveillance before and during the violence and U. S. Capitol police threat assessments The Justice Department has made more than forge of 50 arrest IMing from the Capitol attack. Starting today, Covert 19 vaccinations are available to people who live or work in Florida in an unusual place, the airport Miami International Airport is giving people a new option for killing time before flights getting a covert 19 vaccination. You don't have to be traveling to get one. But those who sign up at the airport will be asked if they live or work in Florida first Dose Fizer vaccinations will be available from eight until four through Friday at two different locations at the airport. Both are increased security areas. Those who don't want to or can't get their second dose at the Miami airport can get their second dose it most state run sites in South Florida, but you'll need to show your Florida idea and bring your vaccination card. Tanya Dr Powers Fox News, and that is a look at what's happening on this Monday. May 10th I'm Sue Guzman on the Fox News run down. But this is the funks news rundown. You're listening to the Fox News. Run down. Stay tuned for Armstrong and Getty, starting at six on talk radio 5 60 ksfo. Yeah. The president says he wants bipartisan immigration reform, but actions speak louder. I don't understand this bipartisan immigration reform. Kevin McCarthy was on the show the other day, and he said Joe Biden hasn't talked to him since he's been inaugurated that he's reached out to the president and he hasn't reached back is a week or two ago where McConnell said the Biden hadn't talked to him. Joe Biden is not interested in any of this Fine doesn't even talk to the Republican Mark Levin weekday afternoons of three on 5 60 KSFO or tell your Google device.

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