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Their pro plan. Let me. I'm going to read one here tom. It's really relevant mason. Bassa he says. My work directly enables other businesses to stay online and do their work. And i didn't fully realize i was on essential worker until the pandemic i was unable to provide are if i was able to. Provide our services. The trickle down effect would have affected thousands of individuals related to dozens of industries. So i asked him what does he do. He says i'm the coo at a managed service provider of it. We keep the it infrastructure working internet servers computers phones etc for small to medium size businesses industries ranging from dentists doctors lawyers and cpa's to a dairy farm country club landscapers charter school several several others. Well i appreciate that. And i believe it was your dad. Zig ziglar tom and if you know if you re recognize me no but somebody told a story of somebody in a similar situation and it was kind of an i know it was. It was a refrigeration. The guys looking at go we do. We do refrigeration stuff. How is that worthier honorable. Do you know the story. Yeah that was one. My coaching calls was tell me. Okay you speak it then go. I was telling him About how valuable. His his team members are and what they did and he said. Gosh i wish my i wish. My technicians knew that their business was was refrigeration systems for hospitals and food manufacturing and a lot of chemicals a lot of requirements. A lot of regulation. So it's a pretty intense job because you screw it up. It's bad and i go. I said allen. Are you kidding me. They don't. they don't know the value their job because no they'd just thank your technicians. And i said well what happens if they go into a hospital and they work on the refrigeration it fails because well i guess they could lose their blood supply and a lot of medication. I go yeah. Their their job lives depend on what they do. And i said you guys work on food manufacturing plants line assemblies and things like that. He said yeah. I said well if the refrigeration goes down to they shut down. The food is simply line. He said yeah they have to. I said well. What do they do with all those hourly workers do they pay him for sitting around they send them home without pay and he goes they send them home without pay and i said so your your guys doing a good job is the difference between somebody who works there having enough money for christmas or not. I mean if you're in that type of work environment and you miss a few days pay because the line goes down. Then you're not making a payment you know you're you're not buying toys your someone's big and so that's mindset shift of. Hey what i do doesn't matter to hate. Christmas depends on what i do. Dat is an an energy shift of how i'm gonna do life. What i'm gonna do the other thing i wanted to kind of bring into. This conversation is You know people. People confuse passion with skill. And you'll see people who were like and they've just got this amazing skill something but then they get this passion for like i'll call it the rabbit trail right. That's just wrap and they're not good at it. And so where's the balance between following your passion and doing what you're doing legos gifted to do and that's a that's a tricky one so i always. I rely on what gifts and talents to create. Did god give me. Because it doesn't matter what i do if i can Access those gifts and talents. Then i can step into a new passion or the passion. That's all my heart and that was the painter example. Yeah it wasn't just that he didn't have a passion for what he was doing. It was primarily because he wasn't using the gifts and talents that god had given him in. Thank god gives us gifts and talents for reason. I i absolutely. I wanna hit on that passion though. Tom and we can make do a whole show on just that. It's such a common topic. I know incredible people that i respect and revere accomplished people who are gung ho on the work at your passion things and others who take a view and go. No you just do work. That takes care of you. Takes care of people. Don't get waylaid by thinking has to be fun so lots of debates around that. I think it's to me pretty irrefutable. That having a use whatever word an inspiration ajoy in what you do pays more and help people more. I feel like that's fairly irrefutable. You're only going to help things by really appreciating what you do but to what you said i do feel like we often fall into this errant perspective that there's one thing i have one calling. I have one passion one penultimate thing that i'm supposed to go out there and discover and do that and tom. I say that acutely because my kids have struggled with that. And i've had to talk them off the ledge of that somewhat of saint first off kid. You're twenty you don't know what your ultimate passion is. And i'm so sorry that i have upheld that so much that they they feel so. It's such a daunting thought to figure out. Oh my gosh. What am i supposed to do. What is my call it and say go out there and just try stuff right now. Try stuff and find that now. That's one part part though is that you probably hopefully had multiple passions however defining things that you really enjoy that really bring you life that really inspire you and for me. I have a list. This communicate in his one. Communicating a positive uplifting. Hopefully transformational message. I have always been drawn to that. I like reading it. I like writing like here. Podcast in it. I like doing that. I would put that as passion if i was. You know locked away in a jail cell or something like that. I want to write man. Just give me something to write hopefully to read but just just a write my thoughts and ideas and ponderings. I really like doing that. I also. I love my mountain bike and trail running. I probably get the most just pure thrill of joy. Play happy joy out on a trail out in the woods. But even doing those things where i'm at speed and adrenaline and what i mean it's just pure out joy. I love working with wood natural. Would we have trees on our property. We cut them down. I have a wood mill..

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