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Strongest longest men in the world will take on history's most imaginary weeks of straight were pulling the vital up on hill who wanted to take on the carousel left that Paul Anderson did Ed Sullivan Show. They'll challenge each other. We mess something up. We it should be crippled to prove. I do not want to get hurt okay. I felt they caught him about strongest men in history a new series premieres wasting light tempted ten history. This whole thing reminds me of the Glory Lori Days of E._S._p._N.. Television when they did world's strongest man and you had bag magnus van magnets out there doing things like that. What do you like here? Is You like it or no absolutely finally found a sport where you can compare eras favorably there you go. They all look the same. These guys are all terrified and tree all SI si very very very tree police. If you WANNA prove your strongest man in the world you gotta come down to Miami here comes onto Miami and pick up my son see how it was going to no not that go on and pick him up. Pick pick this up tonight on history battle of the Ini supercars with David Hasselhoff. Oh my time bobby. Do you remember that show nightrider. Do you remember the show no really okay very good way to sell it but let's check in with David Hasselhoff ready for a rate so big in deserves training Yvonne Taj Arrogance driving the hall and Dirk Benedict Ultimate superheroes..

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