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Red. It's 8 15, time for rob woodfork. All right, twice Kyle schwarber stepped to the plate against the nationals in twice he's done this. Swinging a long drive right field line if it's fair, it's gone. It's way back there and it is gone. Fair in the second deck. Two times up, two Kyle schwarber homers. And the Phillies lead two to nothing. And Dave jagler with a call there of the second schwarz bomb on 1500 a.m., that one traveled 431 feet. The first one, the of the lead off variety goes 412 feet, but the nationals now find themselves trailing the Phillies Ford and nothing in the bottom of the fourth inning as the Phil's right now generating two more runs and Paolo espino having a rough go of it here, three and a third innings, giving up all four of those runs on 5 hits. He has struck out two and has yet to walk anyone. The Orioles right now enjoying a four zero advantage over the Texas Rangers, that one also in the bottom of the fourth inning, some strong support there for Austin both, who's only given up one hit in the four innings of work. He's performed so far, three strikeouts, we have yet to see a home run from the Orioles. That's what we're used to seeing from them in terms of the scoring. The highlight of the day at Wimbledon men's top seed, Novak Djokovic stages a 5 set victory and come back fashion over Yannick center, so he's on to his 11th straight semifinal and the former Washington capital making history today and doing so far too late. Mike Greer has been named the new general manager of the San Jose sharks he is the first black GM in NHL history, the last of the four major North American professional sports leagues to have a black GM and I yes saying this in 2022. Rob woodfork WTO sports

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