America, Texas, Harvey discussed on Meet the Press


City of houston america's fourth largest city and residents in the area are being urged to stay in doors rv is now essentially a rain event with amounts to be measured in feet not inches in our meteorologist bill cairns is calling it one of the worst flood disasters we have ever seen in the houston area the worst damage so far is and rockport texas which took a direct hit when harvey came ashore with wins at one hundred twenty five miles per hour and we see nightly news anchor lester holt is standing by for us in corpus christi texas a lester work i we're them eddo it's hard for people to believe we're in the middle of this even though you're not in wins in ranged how bad is it now and how much worse did they think it's going to get where corpus christi it was pretty quiet night in they are beginning to give power on and you can see it's rather com there are still rain bands coming through and they expect a lot of rain here over the next several days but about a half hour forty minutes of that direction with rockport that's where we spent much of our day yesterday it received serious damage power lines down there were some buildings that had collapsed and there was flooding we drove her away in there with literally effort coming out with a different story though there were flooded passages there were you begin to move your vehicle and there's no stopping now you're not sure whether you will get through flooding is amazingly uh deceptive there were huge rain bands that would come through and suddenly the street before you would be flooded i think that's what folks right now in houston are dealing with is how much more will there be can i drive through and that's why they're telling people have you can to shelter into place there but the hurricane is one thing you can feel the wind you can see the trees whipping around you can see things flying at you you recognize the danger but flooding is amazing the rain will come and suddenly.

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