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Boy you song buck and take you down nine so good pro but i'm better at smash bros that we played this weekend yeah yeah. I'm really but it's like the one thing i'm very i played it religiously as a kid. I just want to wait. Who's your main fox. Oh man you probably you probably got some skills naked. Could you do this. They hang out with each other. Outside of podcasting doesn't make any sense to me. It's pretty weird. We're gonna play. I'd love to play in smash cash. It's been a while. I love you and jeff cabinet going to hang out. I think we're friends now. You're not and then i'll hang out with you and be like look whiter was wrong wrong. You're you're right away so you know you're a big chip holt lay fan. Oh ah yeah when that's when i feel the most connected to my community is when i go to poland because they'll be like how they also asked me. How's your day backing nice me right. You've you've kind of gone off on this before when we haven't been recording and i'd say that we got semi mad at you. You like to pull a little too late guys. You're basically losing money if you're not on their awards program it's really really good and i really like it. It's near my house is a parking lot which is so important. I cannot stress the importance of the parking lot casella. It's a nightmare and it's just an addicted culture. Where do you get there okay. Here's my order me. The space for my flat truck comedians in cars getting a subscribe but white rice pinto beans chicken chicken half mile half medium corn. If i'm feeling like i'm a king jr guacamole a little lettuce. Stay away from cheese and sour cream dairy dairy. It makes me feel like gives me the rumblings. I can't do it well and you're getting into that as a bowl right or burrito but the britos he does just like you give up on the rest of your day rate sometimes even with the ball. I am so stuff that by the time i get home. I'm like i'm done for the day or my stomach is destroyed yeah <hes> so you're so you're at chapel. I know you're <unk> superfan kevin wha what is what is your stance on on mexican food. I maybe a little tricky as a vegan. Actually mexican food. I think is the best. I think it has the most options for vegan lately wrong so try again. I think whenever i go friends know. Where do you wanna wanna get food. I always try to find a mexican play right. I just think of edgy burrito is like a very easy thing to order it and just saying like a veggie burrito with no dairy ninety nine percent of mexican restaurants have that rate whereas like italian restaurants like different like asian cuisines..

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