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Kansas City at Tennessee Minnesota at Dallas Seattle at San Francisco. That's the Monday night game College Football Lsu Alabama huge Game Iowa Wisconsin Penn State of Minnesota Kansas State of Texas. And then a lot of NBA even going on New Orleans Brooklyn Golden State at Houston the walkie at the Clippers Philly at Denver. Toronto at the Lakers Isabella Eight. Forget about the Promo Code. podcast one fear fifty percents Eh bet online dot ag or online sportsbook experts way. Wait a minute every week. Kiva needle. Yeah that's right Robert Akiva need a podcast had cares episode number fifty seven. We are back together for the hot takeoff. Another highly anticipated edition of Romney. Kiva need a podcast here with me back so soon recording after our last podcast is a man who shows his commitment to his craft. That he is up he is podcasting at sometime around between three and four. AM local time here here. He is the CO host of Seinfeld pusher recap and thirty fans podcast and Kerber enthusiasm post. Show recap please please welcome in the great a key winokur key to how are you rob. Some people make commitments to be on the PODCAST. I feel like like our grandparents went to war. Yeah they went to like career or something and I stay up late to do about. So we're basically equals. Yes the greatest this generation of. That's US podcasters right. So what do you think are we the greatest show. Do you think we are the greatest generation podcasters I think we are the greatest generation of podcasters. Yes the young one is gonNA come. I'm not sure I think that the next generation is going to be on Tick Tock. I think that we've got the podcasting market cornered I mean. You know we play our cards right. We could podcast easily another five or six years. Okay so I do the greatest generation. Okay all right AKIVA. We're coming in hot coming in off of the wildly popular master Annapurna. I don't think I got from one person unless they haven't listened to it yet that this is the second best podcast of all time. Yeah Yeah No I. I'd say the the you know. People were basically euphoric online. They were they. Were you know rounding US and defying us and it actually makes me nervous when we have a podcast that gets one hundred percent positive reception. Rob Yes yes you can what we're GONNA do the next week like we're going to get one hundred one percent this week like it's almost certainly going to be less popular. Well I don't know we have a good one now. We spun the wheel last week. And got the crappy movie diaper. We're going to watch the Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg Film Eddie. You played your veto. I questioned the move. I thought that maybe it was a bad challenge and we respond the wheel got the takeoff. Wasn't sure how we were going to get it in but here we are keeping an eye of recording about what fifty one hours after we recorded our last guests. It's very specific but yes okay so here we are and we made it work and so a Kiva. Could you tell us about. Who's going to join us today for our our first ever Rene up hot takeoff? Yes so we've done. How many how takeoffs have we done first of all you know I believe and and All our panel can correct the record. But I believe so we did a survivor. Hot Take off once upon a time. I'm on a rod has a podcast. We did a hot takeoff on the thirty two fans. PODCAST and I believe that we might. I have done some bonus. We ever do a cold takeoff also. Did that ever happen. Yeah I did one during a voicemail so I think we did a hot hot take off a cold takeoff and thirty two fans which was the the the two on our HP where reality based and the one and thirty two fans was was. You were actually not one of the takers. You were the judge yes I'd it was versus Chester on the thirty fans. Hot take this is the fourth in the AAC quadrant. Gee I don't know what okay all right. So Akiva Ed tell us about this all star panel. We've assembled uh so whenever we do take off except for that Forementioned Ah I think that might have been the first one overall the one on thirty thirty two fans So since then we realized we're missing one thing and that's Leon Harris. Oh Liana for the third time is joining us as the third judge I I would say rob is definitely Simon Cowl rob is like rob make Simon Cowell in real life look Jackson. He's such a hard judge for these things A and we could figure out who is randy and Paula. Between me and Liana how are you I oh yeah thank you you. I'm good. I think we just jump right in with the. I think I'm Paul. I think that's what we decided last time. Now I'm just happy to be here for our annual podcasts. You know where we debate. The definition of hot takeoff than yelled are taught taking it yelled at for it on twitter so But I want to add. We did a hot or cold take I think on the BNB. When Akiva was a guest? And I think rob all you call. Okay Yeah so the fifth one at yes I. Oh I think you're knockoff. Debate of what a cold take was. Yes which I don't think we have really ever settled on the definition so revisit that before this so I apologize to all the tweets. Here is a response goes well maybe the cold takeoff comes intended intended episodes and goes back on the wheel. Yeah get the sequel mechanism up and running. Okay all right of course Liana coming in also hot off of of her appearance in the mast rapper. We had a debate before we came onto the podcast about whether or not we could spoil the results of the mast rapper. Upper Akiva had wondered aloud and I had said we can spoil things that happened in the last episode. But you don't think on the sopranos nervous. About spoiling the thrones out of order. You can't say oh. I didn't know that person was going to die. Why why did they show? Why did they talk about that? I was worried I was going to have to come in. And somehow modulate my voice on the show. Just keep it hidden anyone anyone right. Yeah if you if you watch Skip ahead to this week's jets giants game and they talk about the the jets dolphins game that you smartly didn't watch plane they spoiled. You know spoilers watching that order the machete the the machete order we watch the jets. Yeah it takes a machete to my heart every right okay and then it keeps. Who else is with us today? Yes we've got the what I used. Takeoffs is I would pick the takes because I like being control-freak for these things and picking the takes but then people aptly point Out that I can't really react and and fairly judged that takes which I have chosen. We need an impartial host and we found the most impartial Marshall and the most host That's Kirsten McGinnis with five G.. Five with a five Jeez any less. Jeez and I'm I'm leaving the PODCAST. You can deal with on your own. Kirsten what are your credentials as a hot take consultant so technically I have none except that I'm a mean teacher when it comes to judging things so I took only the best and people have a problem with it much like the Great Great Allie last year they can at me. I Care Right. I've also seen you on TV a playing with fire that does that are. Are you tapping into being a like a an evil hot take person. I feel like I've spent like a few years now kind of trying and reform my image. And that's a really good point that maybe this is GonNa put me right back through. Maybe this isn't a good idea or maybe it. Well you know. Spur me into my next great reality TV adventure okay. What is an evil hot take person is lying in Djelic McPherson? I then submitted that are pretty devilish that I won't even be reading punk okay so you have read all of the takes that were submitted for this podcast. I have read all of the takes from the seventy people who submitted takes it was a minimum of four takes per person although some people decided not to submit for takes or the fourth take of four hot takes too much colder. Take they tell you with how many people put that in. And then some people submitted up to thirteen takes so I would say I've read a lot of takes i. We had access to this spreadsheet for usually weeks but I was like. Oh it's never going to come up on the wheel. I don't need to compile anything I'll just read the takes and we'll deal with it later. No Saturday keep them messages. Me Hot take off. Came up and my song weekend just ruined. I need to do this now. Kirsten you you have gotten a deep look inside the hive. Mind of our H. A. P. R. A. N. A. P. That do you have any any overall thoughts on the community as a whole after reading the hottest takes honestly. I think we should rename the podcast. Robin and keep us fans trash the well some of them anyway. So okay. Yeah so we have set up should be a really great bracket I it came down to fifteen takers. One taker will be getting a bye in the first around. Not necessarily because they're actually the first seed but because I was having trouble getting sixteen people with or very strong takes. There's lots lots of people who had some good takes But it's tough the take four hot takes us to many might just be accurate because it is like like the levels of takes that went between you know from the first to the second to the third dig to the forge for some people. It's a lot so I it is not an easy feat to have four for really hot. Takes Okay Akiva. Can you explain how we landed on that. You need four takes for the hot takeoff while I think the the thought process was we're going to do a bracket and thirty. Two takers seem like way too many especially since curse than saying she couldn't find sixteen she like So we thought we'd do sixteen ecksteen and that means you'd need four rounds to win so if you're so if you know person x has gone up against person why we'd read one one of their takes versus the other one undertake than whoever wins who's onto the quarterfinals based person Z.. So in theory you'd need or or takes win. Export takes the rule them all. Okay all right and what if somebody has a take that so good but then their second take is not good and they're going to be done they're done. I do think we should award a best take of the night. We each have of our taker the night in the take your words at the end of this. Maybe because Kirsten also I think has compiled some of the best takes from some wants. Someone take wonders maybe maybe had one dynamite take but then didn't show up for the rest of the of the A qualification tournament or literally just submitted. One I think in Leon I do think I think that a good idea for another potential idea for the wheels that we say we're having another hot take off and then we end up. Doing your takes trash. The idea is GonNa Pitch for the wheel we asked for bad takes. We'll get really brutal. Takes but we asked for good takes then. I think there's a lot of fodder there honestly can pivot right now which let's just change it on the fly. That'd be okay with that. Okay all right. If they're not to offensive. Maybe at the end we can get some takes trash. Yeah I I have a TAB that I've called insane takes and there's only one take their that. I'm unwilling to read on the air. Okay okay okay all right. Let's see how long this takes all right. Keep check for you it is three twenty seven. Am but I'm having a good time. Okay uh-huh okay. All right of course. Some of AKIVA greatest podcasting moments have come in the wee hours of the night but also some some of my worst instruments. Okay all right kristen. How are we going to get? This started okay so not a big not a big bracket get person. But I'm assuming we've the got the West start with east go from there The other thing that needs to be noted before we start as as I judge. These takes blindly. We hid who had submitted the takes until all the takes were selected And you too will not know who the taker is until they are either eliminated from the bracket or when but were you able to tell. Shut up Tim's by the spelling errors and the Math Macedo. The toiler alert is that shut up. Tim's for was just one take repeated. Thirteen Times not take was Akiva is cool which is a very cold take. Yeah yeah very cold number of people who submitted Akiva as cool as their hot take is truly astounding especially since it's the consensus this opinion..

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