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Katie came ready on seven oh seven nine Lori Richard I'm John sure what good morning and thanks for being with us this morning is going to be a warm day but then we have a possibility of things getting roku's this afternoon let's go to accu weather world headquarters to meteorologist bill decker joins us bill good morning good morning guys so how long rough could get this afternoon and yet where the you know a this looks like a summer like day out there just enough warmth and humidity as our frontal boundary approaches later today we're going to go up to eighty eight that were expecting these pop up showers and thunderstorms between about the hours of I'd say three and seven or eight PM is our best threat to and they could be scattered anywhere they'll be moving in from the west and again just enough form that humidity that we could be dealing with some heavy downpours and somehow locally gusty winds looking ahead to Saturday just curious a hundred and six thousand plus people will be at beaver stadium at noon for the pet Penn state one hundred it's meeting what's the weather like for people going head big game for shore and we do expect another frontal boundary you be moving through the at Commonwealth on Saturday so we do have the chance of a shower thunderstorm it's it's not going to be a wash out I don't expect the game to be impacted by rain from start to finish but there could be the odd shower thunderstorm probably more likely before the game and in the first half and the chances decrease later in the afternoon so definitely want to bring some rain gear at temperatures will be in the seventies looks like we'll be a little muggy but again it's not a total loss but there is that slight chance of a shower or storm. Rolla just bill decker and accu weather headquarters for shade the update bill thank you sorry thank you meanwhile this is September the eleventh as we pause to remember on this eighteenth anniversary of the attacks that changed our world and we.

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