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Uh as high as six though lowered and eight obviously still peralta you're right with the first guess yes number six projected wins forty eight point nine said surprise rpm doesn't expect the clippers to decline as much as you might think after they lost chris paul houston gaining valuable replacements patrick beverley lou williams is a part of an impressive return for paul helps um they said although it does hurt losing jamal crawford area so remitted what do you think about basically forty nine games exactly what i thought i think this team will be the same result look differently i think it's a second round team dead unless someone emerges beyond my expectations which can always happen austin rivers is going to be a good player disused on ball out they dig at a lot i got eight players for chris paul lethem's ep3 but damn gimme eight i take it didn't want you to leave but that's a good return of they're gonna pay to say to end blake here's the one thing remembered as show blake griffin because the injury ed because the chris paul's greatness at times struggle with what to do like we all saw blake griffin what the ball in his hand back to the basket turnaround swish it under swiss should honour over over what to do that will be issued his year you get the ball go and i think they're working on and i think he's gonna feel that freedom for men at the you'll see a tremendous blake griffin topfive player like he was threatening to be a couple of years ago before the injury that's it 48 wins i here yeah i actually that think that's right as well because you guys to have players you of deandre jordan who's one of the best in the league at what he does affect maybe is the best is simply what he does uh blake griffin is still one of the better players nestle and then you guys i know forget lou williamson who can put the ball in a whole seek out a guy who can score there and then you get a patrick beverley who is just going to play some good de hit some threes in a guy was actually looking for this opportunity there's a police a peace with aging origin asky i.

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