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Calling what it call it whatever you want to call it the key component which i haven't heard yet is i think replay needs to be involved in kim be involved with control and two feet but after that only replay can be involved i think it's purely judgment as to how long this bake timeframe is and so that really needs to be left out of it because if they leave it in then really all that's going to happen is the controversies gonna go from the ground to the time and and we're going to look at plays either get overturned you know because replay makes it look like he's at the ball long enough and the different speeds so that's a key issue coming out of it and i'm really anxious to hear you know how that's going to be you know a part of the new rule well i think we're gonna hand on that and i wanna put a pin in that part of our conversation for a second because of control vincent said something about played of the washington post that really jumped out at me but like i said i wanna put opinion that for second mike pereira and get to the fact that with the calvin johnson play under the new rule touchdown the jesse james play under the new rule touchdown the question is because both of them involve the end zone and crossing the plain or being in the end zone already the rule as it will be written what would it make the desk bryant play would that make that a catch fumble or a catch and he's now a runner and just like a runner a ground can't cause a fumble we'll we'll they turn the receiver into now a runner with two feet down and the undetermined football act that we just need to see when we see it does becomes a catch and down by contact because once she control the ball in air there was contact with the with the defender so when he then goes to the ground and reaches out which is kind of.

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