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You got junk read sixteen member. I can do some serious damage that the kingdom of darkness for the kingdom of god. We need to be prepared to share the gospel with everyone. But what if that person who needs jesus. The most is not really a friend. More of an enemy we'll pastor. Greg answers that question in just a moment. Everybody greg laurie here. You know my uncle fred. Jordan had one of the first christian. Tv programs out there. It was called church in the home. I remember watching it as a little boy. When i was living with my grandparents while we have church in the home for you every weekend it's called harvest at home and you can find it at harvest dot org. We have worship and a message from god's word so join us this weekend for harvest at home at harvest doddle. Well today pastor. Greg is passing along practical insight on how we can share the hope of christ most effectively and he continues his council now number three. Where should we share the gospel. Where should we show the gospel. Simple answer wherever wherever go into all the world freaks gospel. That's a christ said let's personalize it go into all of your world and preach the gospel go into your family and preach the gospel go into your workplace and preach the gospel go into your neighborhood and preached the gospel go to your campus in preach the gospel go into all of your world. Think of it this way we call it fringe realism frenjal. Ism simple way to remember fragile as f. r. a. n. f. is for go to your friends are go to your relatives a go to your associates. And go to your neighbors friends. Eliza you know someone named fran out there right. Take the gospel to them. That's what we're called to do now. Maybe you have a neighbor. That really irritates you. And you don't want to take the gospel of them. In fact there might be someone. You're thinking of right now that you sort of think of as an enemy. Well i don't want to share. Jesus with them wait a second. Wouldn't that be the perfect person to share with did not jesus tell us to love our enemies and would that not be an amazing way to turn an enemy into a potential friend. Was abraham lincoln that said quote the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend and quote. That's true but listen. If you don't want to take the gospel to someone you dislike here not alone. The prophet jona comes to mind. remember him. god told him to go to the nation of niniveh and to preach to them and jona flat out refused. Why well the ninna bites the enemies of israel and they happen to be known for their exceptional cruelty. There were almost like the precursors to the nazis and some ways even worse they were done only kill the people that they conquered but they would skin them alive and they would take their skulls and stack them up as monuments to their horrid accomplishments. This is a city that was so wicked. God said it's like they're an overflowing trash. Can they stink to high heaven. So god says did join a golden in uva in preach them. Joni didn't wanna do that. Why because he was a patriotic israelite and then invites were the enemies of israel. And he reason if i go to them they might repent and god will spare them. But if i don't go to them. They won't repent and god will destroy them and that's one less enemy. We have to deal with so he got on a boat going in the opposite direction. Instead of going to niniveh as god commanded he went to a place called tarshish he chicken down joyner was the original chicken of the sea. So here's what happened. God said go. Jonas said no god said oh and he swallowed by this sea creature and they're inside of the belly of this piece. He saw pinocchio no wrong story so for three days and three nights. He defied god's seaweed wrapped around him fish smacking him in the face humidity. Like you can't believe. He refused to break pilots so they can't take it anymore. Alright lord. i'll do what you want me to do. And the lord directed the great fish to regurgitate jonah on the shores of niniveh. Talk about having a dramatic entrance. Dinovite down at the beach gets some raise checking out the surf. It's really nice all of a sudden. Well what does that. A boat butts was. Way of thing is huge. He comes up for. Hey everybody joni here forty days and then we'll be overthrown. Whatever dude you stink so bad. Just keep your distance. So johnny began. Is little ministry warning people. So joanna was repentant and now regurgitated he believed now he was barbed he was righteous. And yes he was ralph. That's right right at the place. He did not want to go to. So here's my question to you. Is there someone that the lord has been nudging you to share the gospel with and you have been saying. No one of my favorite stories on the bible is the story of haddassah. She was the great beauty queen as it turns out and the nation of persia the queen was thrown out so the king wanted a new queenie. Hey best way to do it. Let's find the prettiest girls in the kingdom and i'll pick one of those and so all the beautiful young ladies were brought into the palace there and some were selected to be sort of presented to the king and they went you know the whole treatment and got all the beauty treatments and so forth and and they're finally brought out and the one that shines above all the others was the jewish girl haddassah. I think it wasn't just outward beauty. I think it was that inequality to and we know her better as queen esther so she became the queen. This is that fairy tale it would have ended with these words and the happily ever after there might have been a couple of talking animals or something but this isn't a fairy tale. This is a true story of the nation of israel suddenly a billon emerges more sinister than any child story with produce. He has a plan to exterminate the jews. His name was hayman he gets the king to unwittingly signed a decree that if you are jewish you will be put to death not realizing as he signed it that the king was effectively sentencing his own beautiful queen esther to death as well. Well let's know about a bench. She's living in the lap of luxury. She's being pampered. She's up there in the palace and so our uncle mordecai wants to bring it to her attention and he goes and stands outside of the palace. He's covered at sackcloth and ashes. Like hello esther things are not so good out here for us in your people and some it says your uncle mordecai out there and he's all dirty. Well here send them some clean clothes talk about missing the point so mordechai center a message. And here's what he says. If you keep quiet at a time like this deliverance and relief of the jews will arise from some other place. But you and your relatives will die. Listen who knows. Perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this loose paraphrase esther. This is your wakeup call. You're in a position to potentially save your people. You don't do it. god will find someone else. Say you what greg. that's nice. What does that have to do with evangelism. Did you ever stop and think that you are where you are right now because god puts you there because maybe you don't like your circumstances.

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