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You a catherine and buffalo grove illiinois hit catherine thanks for listening to receive to undermine i'm i've heard many time caller thank you i was very i pat gavin eight and so glad you're going back it so it happened here in her your and one thing our wind to comment ban in atlanta hind now we are what are all all we had to have only rarely are i'm not that guy from years ago i waldman and i've highly became 100 have i am you know i i we are at a woman area now no i didn't really know all the noone down all have and how are you paid out of fatty ain't now in my own and i had tried in person mark play i have found in over me we want to know about what we are at all and one or another problem that we have b e we always had have we are all we were never really out how we didn't have the numbers of jobs just kind of banded together he argued feed oh no no it'd be key now we have the numbers to fight they should on the ad and now the migrants all the other i'll have read characters and her cracked or oh are not artist gender only our identity under issue so that kind of computers as people so i think harder of our entire on i have now so why do we going out where volunteer and replace and i sit down and i explained i am however became boy and all that show i'm now letting people know are you paying off and on air grange eric your or in or whatever the all the old dragqueen appellation yeah yeah we're not crossdresser or not all that and i met hammering down on now we're not that right so a lot of people i know i have really changed europe and i think we need to be more what can our hired into trump it's it's it's hard even without trump i mean you know trans people are are at a higher risk for everything from murder to suicide exactly it's it's it's it's it's are down my side pagano yeah so anyway well thank you catherine thank you for sharing.

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