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Uh uh i hope you use me end up well empathy for name from now on i'll be michael pair look mike taylor esquay yeah you could be michael taylor when you're on ordinary now it's more distinctive for me or for your for me you can be whoever you want you can go be whoever you one on at other show another shell fell you've had come in yet can you pell i i have not seen hank yet yeah he's waited yankees year so you should be early you know what i don't i don't adam sick of talking about your time line with the other show mr portnoy so i dunno pankisi are not put your off our chungu by braquet i got bottom out take this anymore they you've gone supporter it's always a pleasure caller to would we got i like called tuesday idea launched what are you got frankie said we gotta go to brad yeah i gotta say man the uh just so you know the cav coming to msg and next week i think you've got to talk to your friends over at seatgeek talk to your girl red heidi hood take her up on that date uh request get some courtside seats and just watch lebrun tanya why that go ira they look at the girls that the out into our deanza sitting court side and who she with who is that there's that middle aged blogger she's with with the shirt that says be late announce a stink sing hill know who with it and he'll filed definitely no horta she you don't you gotta get her she's got to wear like her fatigues early kamel and and you gotta wear the blaze pizza staying one or they plan inflight the third paint you know maybe even throw in a box jersey maybe cubs embodied in in this guy's cook in line he's got he's got can.

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