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Don't really think i could ever distribute my own adult content. Like i don't feel like i could do it. Not in fear of what someone would think of me more than i don't. I don't think i could do it like duffy preference for yourself right. And that's fine. And that's when you know like your preferences for self or your preferences for Not in a way that it's like bashing what somebody else is doing her partner because that's what she brought up like all the way she said it wasn't i mean. She said he's a personal but she's like if like if my partner was so and is on. Somebody's onlyfans giving tips in the message. Box for personal contacts. Probably didn't want to tell us his phone. That's my question. Have you been snooping to his phone. Men are gonna like you at this one. It is but it is do not pick up man phone i i hate it nothing to say you hate things. I hate it. When i have to come across stories women like oh i picked up his phone in. I was going to his messages and he was texting. Sally hoopla this up the blocks. We'll bitch did it to yourself of that man phone. I'm sure you don't want him picking up your sharing going through yours whether you're doing something or whether you're not doing something it's cold. Respect cold privacy. Which brings me back to mind your fucking business. Because his should his shit. You're should is your shit. I'm pretty sure of your person. That's you might not be on only fans 'cause we're talking about the sex aspect of it. You might not be on only fans but you are definitely watching porn. You are definitely looking at other. Men's bodies you are definitely looking at other men's dicks not every banding followers far escort. I mean i don't think it's gone too far. I just wouldn't pay for dick. No no no i mean. 'cause think let the people paying for porn is a lot of people scribe the pornhub though and what about what. Pay the webcam model santa clara. They're doing so. What exactly is the difference other than you be nosy. You watching somebody else pockets. Because the money spending got to do with online. I would say unless the money if it does have shit to do what you agassi also be pissed spending money on business and we got this damn house housing. These kids are do get that but if the bills and the kidding if the peyote to see i would have elaborate with someone. Spend money on onlyfans than spending like of money on video games and not be be mad. Man's because in my experience. In what i've seen when it comes to onlyfans there's a lot of Primarily black people on there there is. Sex work is is very active in the black community. There are plenty of black sex workers. Go ahead and support a black business. Say you tell me that you can't spend thirty forty fifty dollars on this black woman or this black man's onlyfans account but you're willing to go drop hundreds on gucci. Give fuck about you than i have a problem with you at a very very serious problem with because obviously your cultural priorities are fucked up right. That's not that's not cool. You shouldn't tell people that they can't do shit because it makes you feel some type of way you wake up in your skin. They wake up in their skin. Mind your goddamn business fair. i don't have nothing to do with you. So let not be nasty. I guess before we get out of here. Can you please let everyone know what social media they can find you and again you guys can also go to the description of this episode and it will be there as well but go ahead and get your altro baby all right so from the top is my personal pages. Pussy poll with the goddess but. Instagram likes to suck dick and not supposed to suck dick With crooked teeth albert But that instagram is pushing poet. The goddess is p. b. s. s. y. Poet underscored the goddess pussy. Is the only thing spelled eclectic and Like i said. I've got a backup page but i don't be You can follow it if you want to. I'll accept you I may start using it to go live. Because i've been officially i can't do anything but post on my wall imposed stories. I can't even always comment on people's stuff like instagram. Really does barbs attacks me. It's hard to know. yeah so On eyesight was in the backup page for my live videos. But that's just about that on my business page oils the candles. That have to situate before. I give you guys That's goddess It is a holistic organic line. I make a variety of oils for hair skin and beard Also massage. And i make facial scrubs in exfoliating Next up on a roster for that is the sex toys in the organic lubricants or organic kennett with a k. You gotta be specific about that. Because i have very sensitive skin. There's a lot of people who have very sensitive skin absolutely lot of products that stayed there for sensitive skin. And then you end up looking like you got bumps so right to avoid that shop. Got us tempers. I got you i again. All jat will be in the description of this episode via thank. You saw out there. I got hangs all reiger boom so behind that follow pillow talk twins. You guys follow talk to okay. That's me and my twin sister. Yes between okay We have a little talk. Show podcast type of thing going on There's a lotta shit that gets talked about on that. But mostly it's me shaking my titties so papa. Y'all wanna be because you ain't get one so dear here looking like whatever you to watch all you to watch them all you to pussy poet than placebo with the backup page and then got empress in pedals. All mellon bow follow dot. Yes as nest that how do with supporting black businesses in black culture We did our first show twenty nineteen summer twenty nineteen. It was called the making melanin fashion show. We featured all black models all black designers. All black hog refers the venue that we use his own by black people. We are very Ten buddy else but we are very supportive of the black community. It's okay you could say of the cracker listened triscuit. Everyday between y'all on dot com. He needs youtube. they can't find us on. That was no. You just have to type it all out because it's eighteen up so it's patriots dot com backlash horrible decisions. Also our horrible decisions. Merch is lab. I mean what else do we promo run if you liked the video. You're seeing if you like what you're hearing. Come by sea me. I actually only press buttons video. You know what i'm saying. Add in does that. But we're here. We're not you but come through to talk to say only didn't this is pam. I have my merch. It will be at mandy. Be dot com got the buddha hall. I ain't gonna hold you in boot. Tripod mommy merch available and again yano tune into us man. Every monday we here and again check us out on the youtube all the youtube. Remember as you've noticed that the last two weeks going to do it again. Yeah no we're going to tell you home watch us anyways yes. Check us out on youtube and again. We're gonna leave you guys with a five minute bonus clip of patriot. And if you like what you do. They're gone over to patriot com slash.

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