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One hundred and seventeen yards with a touchdown run to go along with a touchdown pass as Jimbo Fisher's team responded after falling behind by fourteen points in the early going very hard fought victory on the stage act before vaulting top twenty five team when it was only about a company and a great back and he made a lot of good plays in our defense really settle down play good but our kids fought office without would lose ball warily had some self inflicted wound with a costume turned it over kept her poise elsewhere Michigan state dropped Wake Forest twenty seven twenty one to win the pinstripe bowl and at the military bowl North Carolina blasted temple fifty five thirteen NBA the bottom of the hawks one twelve eighty six and again when it to its ninth straight loss Jana Sangh to to compose sent out with a sore back Chris Middleton led the way for Milwaukee here twenty three points eight boards and seven assists the thunder slip past the horns one of four one oh two in overtime twenty seven for Shea Gil just Alexander the warriors rally past the sons one oh five ninety six as Golden State outscored Phoenix thirty nine eighteen in the fourth he tripped up the Pacers one thirteen one twelve magic took down the Sixers ninety eight ninety seven the Celtics picked up their fifth straight win one twenty nine one seventeen over the cavs final game of the NFL's regular season takes place Sunday night in Seattle in the NFC west title on the line as the Seahawks host the minor Seattle's defense getting healthier for the finale well today beyond Clowney insecure Griffin will return to the field after sitting out last week with injuries an eagle silence Akers as been ruled out for Sunday's game against the giants with rape and back injuries Jordan Howard though will play after missing last six games with a sing a stinger tackling Johnson and cornerback Jaylen mills are both questionable for Philly I'm John fast this is tiki barber and you've come to the right place for NFL scores news and opinions CBS sports radio describe a women en route big news forty nine twenty twenty season tickets are now on sale locations are filling up quickly and now is the time to lock.

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