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Connick? Realized conic just mouth the words to half of it word for word just people played right for you so much. It's like I can still remember the rage. I had and it just I still wanted to fight. I just want to go. I still wanted to do something. I mean, I still with jacked up the journal was still going. You know, this is one of those things as every athlete in their life at some point has been doubted, and we've made our living in our life kind of overcoming obstacles. And being able to do things that people say, we couldn't just you know, when you plan in the individual round for a chance to go to the AFC championship. You sit around all day is like you sit around all day. You don't know what to do you're eating? You're watching TV. You try not to try to get off your fee not around anybody else because everybody I himself, and you just watch TV. It's just why Watson ESPN and Tom Jackson and everybody as they go through. You know, what they think is going to happen there predict predictions? And when they win you say a team has no shot. Like, you said I got zero percent chance of winning is like nothing I can do to win that to me that was just different spectral, especially if you pay attention, and and as done television with CBS. Stuff like that. I realized that you don't really see all the games. So I don't know if Tom realized or not that we had won that year. We had beat them to. And you know, we buried the ball and all that stuff. We just came on. And we just put a complete game together, and we just refuse to lose and everybody played a role. Everybody did their part in. Mark was awesome that game. And you think I think about some of the catches from Santo Neo homes and Braila net words and sound. Green running a ball and laying down which you know, stock that the ones that are making the defense up to go back out there giving them a shot, but you know, being able to just go out there. It was cool. You know, it would have been better if next week. Brian Schottenheimer who? Kyle bowler stopped me from getting to a Super Bowl. Would just ran the ball four times with the best office line in the game and fat two hundred sixty pounds fullback. But whatever the week before was fun. Well, as has been the case, you know, we hear from people, and then sometimes you need a translate it. So. We have put it through the BS translator. But really, it's the MG translator. Maggie has graciously translated what part had to say ever wonder, if they're telling us how they really feel tired of.

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