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Back. Another, another Turbe. She really likes of the storylines, she's just like you know about she wants to finish it up by. Mother sees nights starts so good. This'll be the third time I've gone through the whole thing like it's still so good. It's interesting to watch the critical mass of media, the staking whole though. So the Wall Street Journal's doing at the New York Times, I think both of them are doing it at least New York Times as doing it where they're doing a game of thrones. Have you seen this? They're doing a game of thrones newsletter in each week. They're pushing out new content about, like Hinson clues of like the first seven seasons. But what, what just impressed me is how much they had gotten behind it from all dedicated how much dedicated content they have to it. Yeah. I try not to get any spoilers or theories just kinda like trying to stop, but I mean, you know, when they leak the trailer, I have to watch that yeah, well what's interesting about it? Is there some tells Chuck meal bit in the trailer self, and it was funny because I was welling up in tears, part of, you know Beck is like. I was like what is wrong with the are you crying? Abby. I saw sir Gerald burble. Trailer turned into a stone, man like. Like what? He showed up. He's like, I'm Jerry I know but it's Johnson of base game. I know. But it's confirmations coming are were you pretty sure our it was gonna live when she was a faceless man. But that's I didn't like that part of the trailer though. What part with her running scared like shade scared? A no one like some kind of she's scared. Yeah. She's scared. Although they ride it. I mean that second seen though where she's like, I know death that was before that scene. I think they did a just mess with the crew. A little bit. Yeah. Just guessing, just guessing. Right. It's almost like when you were like ten years old. And you realize that this is like your last Christmas. That's gonna be special like after this everybody's wise that I know what's going on. I mean, I'm so excited to see this. But it's so sad that there's literally six left. Yeah. Except here's the one exception. I have all this as much as I love game of thrones my favorite book series of all time. A didn't realize picked it up there, working with the BBC, and they showed a trailer for it, and they only did one movie. So my favorite books series of all time, his dark materials, and they did the golden compass had at Ania Craig in it as good movie. It was an okay movie. Good movie. Yeah. If you're a fan of the book, it was an okay movie. But the only did the one because Catholic church, there's a bunch controversy. I mean, there's it attack the book series attacks organized, religion. Make no about it. But with the BBC decided to do that made it into a TV show a miniseries nature via it's going to be on HBO railing. And that's one of the trailers they showed and before game thrown before forget, oh, we were watching true detective. Yeah. And they showed it before true detective. And I came off the couch like, started because I'd been in pointed tears game thrones ending. I'm gonna do now a Mike no shit. There is back of what is wrong. He thought the chiefs just won the Super Bowl like what they know HBO's, not stupid and high. This thoughts got into my head game of throw Zoar, I'm dumping cable. I'll pick in a book some to go take a walk. I'm Doug, the TV together, and they're like, no, we gotta get, you know, sink that hook in. Getting back up the ante they're also doing it watchmen series. I saw that too, which will be interesting because I really do the movie I loved them movie. And I, I own the graphic novel. Yeah. The movie was almost a true representation of the graphic novel. I don't know what else they can do with the series. So I'm curious. I think it's all new characters. Oh, okay. Maybe they're gonna start with the old characters in LA, the weird creepy guy with the news revs neck in the. The banded massacre, Rochard. No. When they go back to the first ones. Riyadh literally deuce around name that guy. Okay. Now. Sure. How that so special, you know superpower. No, you're getting hot. You're hanging people. I'm confused. I guess speaking that we got one other one last shout out to TV shows, too TV shows boys season three of queer eye built in Kansas City, launches next week March of teen. Very exciting net flex now you've binge-watch d- your fan. I love this show. I mean, it's just one of those shows that you feel good at the end. You know, they're helping people and healing old wounds. And, you know, they can better place down for that the city completely embraced those guys when I completed here this guys. So I'll be I watched the first two seasons. I probably should binge watch those before watching the third, it's worth. I mean, what are watching like, okay, this is good stuff. You feel better. Let should make school worse. Yep. Well, not. Okay. For watching some that makes you feel better. So talking about things that make us feel better topic. This week is the old Bill Luckett list. Yeah. Yale is interesting about this topic when you when you propose let's talk about the bucket list. I'm not what's interesting. I'm not a huge their things I want to do in life. But I haven't really thought about, like, documenting it or chronicling. It just keep it up here. And you know there are handful things. I would probably have service regret if I didn't get them down before my time punch, my clock you know from time standpoint, but couple of things Chris lies. So I was glad you brought up the topic, you know, you have a rotating choice of things we can talk about. And it kind of Chris lies me. I'm like, yeah. Let's talk about this. One was Rick's passing and Rick Rick's of Rick and his wife have had a profound influence on me from the standpoint of even like what I'm doing now career wise because we would have dinner conversations, and they would say, you've only got so much time you need to do what you wanna do. Exact rice chances. Yeah, you need to make sure you've not let fear get hold of you and kind of, you know, fears always going to be there, but you gotta over kind of overcome at least navigate it. Right. And so, you know, his passing got me thinking about the about this, and then also. Also last week, Luke Perry's untimely, we hit Angie on. Yeah. You know, a couple upsets ago, and she had her she said, two strokes, and, you know, little younger than Luke Perry. Luke perry. Fifty two years old still working still seem to relatively good health. There's a lot coming out about how he was very philanthropic, individual giving giving individual and just one moment. He's gone. So that kind of Chris lies it for me like I said and said, okay, we're gonna lock the same where we're talk about this. So this is not like you and die like Saddam and talk about and kind of Jack out like when you came over tonight, I hadn't even seen the questions. And you saw my response is the questions like pick up your phone or like, okay, where's my list, right? As I keep my bucket list on my phone. So I mean do kinda come my is. Because I've been asked Becky yesterday as what's on your bucket list, what how bucket list? I like to wanna do. She goes out, no time L. No. Yeah. You know that was her response. But you have a purchase completely differently. Yeah. I mean di- particular, she's really cut abrasive and kind of made me think about it more to your point. You know most of the time you have these things just kinda stuck up in your head. I'll do this at some point do that support the to you like put it down on either paper. You know on a list of some tight. Yeah, you could pull up. Doesn't really slid a fi or become concrete. Like what you put it on paper. You're kinda like, okay these are things I definitely want to do. We get older. We used to be focused on stuff for young man's wishes, you know, thrill seeking or the billionaire become the president young man wishes but yeah, like I did the Jim Carey trick. If you're the Jim Carey, he did this thing about wrote a check for like five hundred thousand dollars. He was like twenty million dollars wasn't twenty million. And with he got a deal for cable guy. He made twenty million dollars he can. Okay. I got the number wrong. Yeah. But yeah, I, I actually have a maybe mine was five hundred thousand dollars million. Yeah. But I actually had that check somewhere. Right. The dates well pass but yeah, yeah, I mean at least makes a real. But so now it's just seems to be more focused on experiences because that's what about stuff about, you know, enjoying real experiences with people. Want to spend time with and wanna be with. So I actually heard her list is way more detailed than mine is she actually has a lifelong list bucket list, and that she also breaks down the lake. She has a twenty nineteen bucket list. Okay. You know, some stuff is maybe significant some isn't. But just kind of like jerick Witter couple things on the twenty nineteen list at was funny, but that is like Semper stuff. It sounds like really, but then you're like would be really cool. Yeah. Like her goal is to CNA jail hockey game this year. Okay. I could imagine her doing that things actually right now we're we have a niece that Chicago in the Blackhawks seem like is gonna team as any. I mean, they're consistently great in two good fun city. So we're like, okay, let's plan a weekend. We'll spend it with her. You know, our niece and they like beer, we're gonna hit some breweries notable. Blackhawks game like sounds like a dam that we can make arm. Yeah. My wife has literally never been camping in her life, this story. No. Like she believes up until like a year ago. She believed camping was like you have a cabin and abandoned in a bath. Room like no, no, no, no, no. That's, that's not camping like a tent canvas. You're sleeping on the earth in a tent and she's like I ever done that. So. In April were planning on. Spending the night camping where are you going to go? Camping I think we're getting a lot of want it. I don't know. It's not too far. I mean, we're not gonna go to Colorado. She's like, let's ease into we're going to one night in a terribly, it'd be illegal. Tens of just stuff like that. That's bigger things not going to get done this year. But I'll know those are interesting things to do even on a on a two thousand nineteen less you what's funny as we were producer, lists tonight, our, our producer grant keeps a bucket list. Really? And it will generally do on the during during the summer things that he wants to do with this friends, and they talk about it, yet, those near just you bring up, Diane's notion of near-term can a bucket list, you know, keeps you accountable and keeps you thinking about things that, you know, otherwise if you just get in a rut or a comfort zone..

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