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And the church should back her up with the departure let's let's go to the lord's prayer our father who aren't in heaven hallowed be the i nate okay kingdom come by will be done and now we get to the bottom line on earth as it isn't have do you believe that prayer is going to be fulfilled yes when in history or eternity i believe in history europos millennials which is of course my challenge but then we get to the question of what does it mean for to be filled what does it look like in history is now being fulfilled and that's where i would draw by for cation then why then does paul draw distinction and corinthians behind behind what is appropriate in the church versus the state at that time why does he dry special buy for cation about believers suing one another in the church if it's if it's all a matter of the social system of the secular of the avoid that we're secular of the state however it be good principle you don't see the guy in the state because it's a satanic state dealing with the roman empire don't take into judge who's part of legal order that's corrupt is that true in a christian social order paul wrote that before eighty seventy in a christian social order in which biblical laws enforce why wouldn't you take him before a godly judge in a godly social order godly legal order he's broken the law okay here's how we do it we create a thing called a corporation.

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