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NPR's Nathan Rott reports. The Forest Service new chief will be the first African American to lead the agency. Randy Moore will take over as chief of the Forest Service next month, replacing current but retiring chief Vicky Christiansen. More is a career forest service employed and is currently the regional forester in an area that includes California, a state that's been walloped by wildfires year after year after year. Much of the U. S. Forest Service's budget now goes to fighting wildfires every year, which is sidelined other needed work, including efforts to lower fire risk. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says more will be taking charge at a critical time. Much of the West is parched and sweltering. Under record heat. Nathan Rott NPR news on Wall Street, the Dow was down 150 points to 34,023. The NASDAQ closed up 140 points today. You're listening to NPR. And at 704 on Monday, June 28. This is KCRW. I'm Larry Peril. Well, don't put your masks away just yet. Especially if you're vaccinated. You may want to pull them out again. L, a county public health today recommending masking up indoors regardless of your vaccination status. They say it is a precaution as the highly transmissible delta variant has increased in the region. At last count. The strain comprised nearly half of all variants sequenced in L, a county public health, urging residents to wear a face covering in settings such as a grocery or retail store, movie theater and workplaces where you don't know everyone's vaccination status, they say fully vaccinated. People appear to be well protected from infections from this dealt from the delta variance, but People who have only gotten one dose are less protected. Today, the county reporting roughly 260, new infections and another three lives lost to the virus. Well, five states have been added to California's ban on taxpayer funded travel that brings the total to 17 Attorney General Rob Bonta says the state's discriminate against LGBTQ citizens. States are a part of a recent dangerous wave of discriminatory new bill signed into law and states all across the country. States added. Today are Arkansas, Florida, Montana and West Virginia, which have passed bills preventing transgender women and girls from competing in girls' sports. Also North Dakota, which allows trans students to be excluded from.

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