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Air based on the video but i'm but i'm not minimizing his accident it it looked like he could have been seriously hurt i think it's the more of the tire went twenty feet in the air yeah yeah he barely went up over the top of the call he kind of went over the top of the good he did hit his head on the windshield the windshield and they're now saying the helmet saved his life so the car was just stopped and then he hit cut in front of him know look look stopped in the video looks like bad driving on his part i wouldn't be afraid of this one rick unless you're driving they they cited the person driving the car yeah they said the car cut in front of us so that's what okay it's it's showing like a car coming up and then it stops and then he continues in sixty miles an hour that's not i don't think he was going on our no and what's amazing he's probably close to sixty and he didn't get hurt they took mri they took xrays nothing they all came back negative sent them home i'm sure you didn't feel too good today but still that's amazing to me he did when he sort of woke up completely in the hospital talk glowingly about president trump so there could be something something might have happened my that took place in the accident i don't know for sure yeah some brain damage me for sure let's hope he's ok don't want that kind of thing i it's scary to watch you know it's scary scary video oh now i'm watching the whole video where the car turns elaine yeah it's like it came straight on him and it stopped but then he ran right into it scary speaking of talking glowingly about president trump alan dershowitz his lawyer who do very bright guy he says he's getting more grief for sticking up for donald trump then he did for sticking up for oj simpson klaus von bulow and michael milkin people hate trump that much that they are and because he has been saying a lot of good things about trump he's getting ripped by and he's a democrat alan dershowitz well he he he has been on the left for a long time he is completely come around and almost changed his entire position from a political standpoint but i i mean there are plenty of times that i've watched him where i haven't necessarily agreed and i watched as all of this did the oj simpson trial he eloquently defended oj simpson to the point that i'm thinking okay maybe he didn't do it he was he he is such a smart yeah a lawyer law professor at harvard and has been very left leaning this entire career in he's he's been defending president trump just on on from a legal standpoint he's not saying he likes he's just going no iran this is what the law says and what he's doing is within the law and he's been saying that now for about a year year and a half now he's upset a lot of folks on the left absolutely they don't like him anymore but worse than oj is catching more grief than he did when he defended oj simpson while who murdered two people allegedly i was gonna i'm just waiting for the pause you got to throw the he did lose the civil trial did i mean you could so can you say that about him well who you can say he was convicted in a civil civil trial of murderer of being responsible i believe is how they said for the death of both people did you have an i'm sure you do up sure you had oj on your show in the nineties before all this yep and we do to is great oh fantastic great guests very entertaining it's smooth and grey you could see why he had been such a star after his nfl career in oj simpson listen i mean for whatever you might for.

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