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Yes you could say that say that like they better get an arc twitter's a flood coming you know what I mean Johnson eight years for that joke ladies to right now the trump campaign Orleans donald trump would have lord named ty cobb exactly it's like was born and became famous and so like your name Brittany Spears and your Fox like ty Cobb was known even when this tie Cobb was born and it is so intense maybe that celebrities name ty Cobb ways player ty cobb is a F- a racist baseball player and I will tell you I knew the name only because I knew a dirty move was named after where you jump and kick the the home plate the catcher that's one and two there was a movie starring Tom Jones Hamas Jones which is everything I know about Tyco ordinary rate so I don't get that reference Goo Goo Gaga that's cool not true dude no they don't crack they bought it they were like this is a person born in nineteen ninety nine she was born during Y2k they were it. Yes I use hit clips you know my take on ty Cobb and all seriousness is that he got he he laughed he was the lawyer and Don Trump said I love my team I'm never going to get rid of them and he just got rid of and he got rid of COBB and my take on this is and thinking how trump thinks is you can only have one crazy mustache in the White House so you God Bolton bomb bomb bomb Iran now is national security advisor and we know Donald Trump didn't want him originally because he didn't like his facial hair and he's like then he gets in he gets in Bolton and you've seen ops facial hair it's not magnetic and so I'm sure trump was like forget the whole lies and stuff to mustaches is one too many go out cobb takeoff looks like the pringles man wow oh shit how are you epic can shrug just one yeah that was good. Meanwhile trump's treatment of the investigation is helping to obstruct justice in other countries The New York Times has reported that the Ukrainian government cease cooperating with Muller and quash its own corruption investigation of trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort shortly after the trump administration agreed to sell the country missiles and finally president trump where Rudy Giuliani a phrase which feels like a sketch for Saturday night live that got time in two thousand five the interview with Sean Hannity Sean Hannity really raking over the coals Ha Real Real Frost Nixon situation Sean Hannity's like he's innocent right and he was like wait went on television so so rudy said that the trump did reimburse Michael Cohen for one hundred thirty K. and hush money he pays a story Daniels who is performing down the street tonight in Pittsburgh really she's here she's some of these people are confused and are waiting for her to come out or are you touring together stormy is this like a thing this is literally the nightmare of the Russell right how your group on like it bill drawn loving and torment Daniels it's a double feature with excellent question Sir so rudy said all this to Sean Hannity despite repeated public declarations that trump had no idea this took place I believe we have a clip who it's not contain money no campaign finance violation so they funneled through law firm funnel through over and the president repeated Oh I didn't he did we were talking about two different things there I want to make I was talking about one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment right settlement payment which is a very regular thing for lawyers to do that was money that was paid by by his lawyer I would do out of his off firm funds or whatever just doesn't matter president reimbursed over a period of settlement said I distinctly remember that he did it on his own he did without asking look I don't know I haven't invested that so damn so I love that clip I loved hannity trying to help Rudy introduced like it's like it's like rudy was drowning and Sean right reach down into the water and I can swang you can swim I don't embarrass me I know how to swim I'm drowning I'm swallowing water for the sake of America I want Rudy Giuliani to be on television every night being unedited anything that comes to his mind I want him on Fox and friends on one on Hannity anywhere anywhere in America please give Rudy Giuliani put them we'll take put them on I two TV awards why stop there let's make it a priority Rudy Giuliani Janis glasses are like the Cape doctor strange wears they are sentenced to and they go the more damage rudy is doing the and the and the lost he is in the plot of the story is trying to tell the further excess skew that glasses become because they're trying to drag him off the set but he's like stopping glasses rescue me I'm really in trouble UH and this is the guy in charge of Cybersecurity Oh yes he's working on that he's very busy very proud very busy never forget sure soon you'll you also said there which actually serious which is going to screw the don't even more is he said I love to read you on this this week is the one week I love him so much he goes trump fired Komi because Komi and give him assurances that he was not the target of the investigation. I'm like more give me more yes yes Giuliani just does not help the whole obstruction of justice. ace that Donald Trump is trying to avoid when Rudy Giuliani gets on Hannity and keeps killing him as a legal strategy well they keep some they're basically trying to come up with new explanations for why he fired Komi all the time and they're doing it via Improv exactly he's like he's like a first season oh housewife whose desperate to stay on the show and is pulling out all the stunts I think the only thing.

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