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And boots weekend at lucky star casino and Clinton I brought March twenty seconds cancer for a fight rage in the cage sixty four then Saturday, March twenty third John for the Randy Rogers band. Tickets online. It's Doug wire dot com. Dukes and boots weekend's March twenty second and twenty third. Lucky casino in Clinton. Allied arts. Need your help your donations? Help us provide hundreds of thousands of art experiences to use statewide. Helping them experience creativity. As a tool for learning, growing and healing. Two more than forty agencies and programs. We open challenge and inspire so many minds providing hope motivation and encouragement with you art can change a life. Make a donation today at alad arts o'casey dot com. Farmers insurance. They know a root can withstand a lot one exception being an airborne seat covered. Get smarter about your insurance at farmers dot com. Hey, everybody. Rachel Ray here. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face and cooking meal for the whole family and lots of friends that there's not enough room at my table for the seventeen million kids in our country who struggle with hunger. That's why the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks collects surplus food to give hope to hungry kids. But they can't do it without your help. Support Feeding America and your local food Bank at Feeding America dot message from Feeding America and the Ad Council. Those.

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