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Going on? With the lay of the land. A lot going on northbound five at Glen oaks right now we have swerve alert with a ladder in the number of two lane. Also, northbound sixty five at the one oh five it looks like we have a stalled vehicle that was taking up the second lane from the left but causing a little bit about traffic. Jumble. They're on the northbound sixty five or six oh five in downing. We stuff that sick alert southbound five at the six zero five connector that transition road is blocked due to guard rail repair, and that should be going on until they estimate about six thirty this evening. Martorell repaired through with every time. Well. Sixty five degrees in Hawthorne. Twenty minutes after five o'clock. KCRW? Way. It's five twenty cases. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Elsa Chang. And Audie Cornish. The tug of war between congress and the Trump administration over border wall. Funding took a new turn today after the Pentagon said it would shift a billion dollars of surplus personnel money to wall construction, the House Armed Services committee blocked it. Meanwhile, NPR's learned the department of homeland security is asking the Pentagon to set up detention.

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