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Good evening. I'm Peter say more. And here's our top story. The state house ethics committee has released disturbing documents about former Prescott Representative David stringer. Former Representative David stringer resigned this week. After after face a deadline by the house ethics committee to release documents relating to sex crimes. Dating back to nineteen Eighty-three those police records from Baltimore PD obtained by our TV partners at ABC fifteen say stringer approach to teams at a park in Baltimore and asked if they wanted to go to his house and have sex. Those documents also show stringer allegedly gave the boys ten dollars. One of those boys was mentally disabled. Ashley, flood KTAR news horrendous. That's Arizona house speaker rusty Bowers following the graphic Baltimore police report dealing detailing the one time criminal charges against former Prescott Representative David stringer in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. And legally we were able to taint information that resulted in the resignation of a member we're not afraid to do that. And we took that responsibility. Seriously, Bauer says he presented stringer with a report on Wednesday and asked him to resign, which he did governor Ducey tweeted these revelations are far worse than anything. We were aware of before for the first time in Arizona a case about violent threats made the police officers on social media has been successfully prosecuted gang member Joseph s chief told the other gang members to attack Salt River police officers and is executive staff via graphic pictures and messages the miracle. Pa- county attorney's office says the first amendment did not protect his messages because they were so threatening as chief will be in prison for seven years. Now for a check on traffic. Here's als at sea live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Thank you. And happy Friday got.

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