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Know he's very he's been dead in them but he's also very is fighting spirit very important in a team game and then as i mentioned without calling taking all the criticism about shuttling win for the first forty people everybody every experts ushwyn will be missed. I shouldn't be mentioned. I shouldn't be missed and you know we doing that. But what happened was one you know so in. That sense actually sent vindicated. Then he might acting smoke and now. There's a big question about the forward. I shouldn't hasn't played the format sofa. And there's a lot of chatter on that. Is it possible that dot coli will change this winning combination for the final death now in manchester question. Because you know he's been on the minds and live of everybody from from the first onwards when you when national of the first while playing then came the second tower in the and Kolia stuck to his guns thing that you know. He's other template with four polars and one spinner and destroys spinner as the original So and it's worked so far to at the end of the day You know you might one might argue that. It doesn't make logic but when you get the results you might say okay. Hey you know what he talked and these are the results but obviously had gone differently than you would have been for a lot. Of flack now. England will certainly try to seize the next best. By barack coli steam looks to defeating inland at trafford. Where they haven't won a single match the oval victory does leave indian a better position but canet at another fed handicap. The todd win at manchester. Mr asthma reason very possible for two reasons. One is at the moment of long back to this kind of momentum as long back but they must be very because one at lord's invented loss at so in england. Respond challenges the weather conditions supporters. And you're stop and back time in the middle you would lose wickets rapidly end up in a very difficult situation. Have to be under god. As i mentioned that they've taken the lead but they haven't won the cd's now. I think it's extremely important the captain because he's one of these stadia in two thousand eighteen was he was not captain when Or at least capital treatise matches grinning. Twenty one hundred. It was a captain but you can. It was pretty much as the. And if you beat in new england so you know the measure for teams greatness sort of speakers although you outside overseas and especially for for india outside of the subcontinent so if the region australian australian if anything in england you have a lot of reasons to proud about your legitimate of course. They still have in south africa new zealand but australia. England says you challenge which northern captains achieve india and. That's what this episode. But do check out the podcast on the queen's website. If you like listening to this episode please subscribe to the big story playlist episodic updates on apple podcast spotify ju- salvin and most of the other popular podcast streaming platforms for other podcast. Please log onto the website and check out the podcast section for any feedback shooting emit podcast at the quin dot com. Thanks for listening log onto the website and check out our other podcasts..

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