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Eighty. S Not saying I want everybody in the mom to come watch it podcasts, but ain't gonNA happen due to negative we can. We can talk about whatever we wanted the American bitch. Rights, nobody's going to listen to us until we have earned their attention. That goes back to my point. Why, we haven't his guests on became to build on what we are as individuals to actually have the people that we are. Do everything that you everything you've said. Everything that you have said in the last couple of episodes. Is Funniest Shit. You just don't think so. I'm trying to figure out. Plenty podcasts no with. It I think we have. Something in the kid just be talked people. We're the fucking view. Well, are we remember one? We recorded the first episode, and then sat for year, and then I listen to it again, and I was like. This is fucking hilarious, and so it's like. I don't try to be funny. But you and I are kind of like. Naturally like when we taught, we'll have a conversation. It just waste. Comes up and so I-. I labeled through art. Yes. I liberal. I labeled this a comedy because it just naturally happens when we talk about random shit, so what I like about this podcast is that we just talked about Ryan. I'm shit and there's funny parts in it ends up like on that one of us, so we're talking about tattoos and you're like. Talking. You were getting pussy tattooed on you. I don't. GonNa why it's funny I give. It was funny because you like, said it really quickly and I didn't react took. I agree with I'm just on just confused. Bag, but I was trying to be funny for funding Sake, but if we're not trying to be funny friends, it is natural. Can we just have a conversation without fucking subjects? Then we just talk as humans well I like the reasonably subjects, because sometimes shit on my mind. That I want to talk about like right now. What's on my mind is like the whole drug thing. Let's get into. This. So I have. By the way this has been my favorite podcasts. Like. I'm being overly honest I'm telling you like I'm. Not sure what's happening with this I'm trying to figure out because this full time. Why the fuck, I'm David here. Will be funny of. Let's give my input for something. Just supposed to talk okay. I wouldn't worry about being funny like I feel like. If you're worried about being funny, you probably wind up, not being funny. I, wish, I would have started I wish I would have been podcasting since two thousand nine. I haven't making videos since two thousand nine I. Just was not podcasts, but same anyways porn though. Back to drugs so I have the opinion. I which is ironic because this is the first time I we're not on drugs technically. On drugs, but we didn't do drugs before. It, just depends on what you think of like weak drugs, drugs, drugs drugs, and it makes her mental me. It makes you think differently, which is anything as ASPIRIN fucking drug? Anything's a drug, so I have the opinions ever all drugs should be legal in the world would be a better place if all drugs were legal, or at least the country will get place if all drugs legal. From us to ticker using that from your own, just belief system well I I've listened to a lot of people's perspective of it, and also just my own like. When I imagine like the things that could happen so. When I say all drug should be legal. A lot of people are like. Oh, you're a druggie and you just want to do drugs, but those people don't realize that I already have the power to do all the drugs. I don't need them to be so. That's kind of irrelevant whether I want to do drugs and. What the reason why I think drugs should be legal, is that? Right now. If you buy drugs if you want to say if you're addicted to crack like people are going to do crack, you can't make it. There's nothing you can do to make it so that people stopped doing crack or heroin or something. Counseling. The issue is mental. Ritz love. Most. Speaking Inglewood live, but as an ex heroin addict in dealt with a lot of people like the. Motion problems they just don't go with these drugs. Session killed avoid. If people just him and I just WANNA smoke crack every game and. There's people. Then there's. GotTa realize ninety nine percents of people are on this Kinda Shit. It's emotional. Problems is not because they just want. The only wants to wake up when they say I'm going to smoking crack one wakes up like that. No wakes up in the Moore's ahead with shoot up some heroin and my fucking veins. no-one does do because the motion problems. They don't know what it is it even if you don't it is. That is the case with a lot of with a lot of people, but I also think some people are just like any. Try this drug one time a kind of how I am. I don't not like I. Haven't had like a ridiculously hard life, so my point is. Is that going to happen though you can't? Like wants something has been invented like these drugs. You can't get rid of them I know where you're trying to say, but you also realize the whole industry to fight against them. Realize there's cops. Yeah the doesn't do anything they don't, but they do for their own family. You GotTa look now. You gotTA. Look not now this. You're trying to go culture now the prison. Condition. Culture cultural. Going to. These agents they have a family. They gotTA feed. I got sons and daughters us to all they're doing is trying to growing job, which is to make lead in every other drug illegal came in. Blame them on that basis, so there's no winning this grow your logic though your logic is hey, people have to have jobs, even evil people. That's not true not. East only can't they have us off your people away for giving drugs? Evil because they don't like what you do. No wrong with you then you're fucking evil to them. TOLD THEM UP wrong. No, I think it's able to lock. Delivered doing for smoking, weed or something maybe. You haven't medicine. Yes, we do work all around everywhere Colorado. We've got arrested once for smoking. We please tell me. People go to jail for growing. We'd of Colorado everywhere I have a computer, so I can't pull up. This is why we young Jamie. This is why we need. You know just as well as Texas. Yes, it did happen at all of the US people. Liked to use forgetting Alabama especially those crazy southern states I know about that suit. People don't know about this. People's go to jail. They did smoking weed and for growing wheat. They smell and not even. If you are smarter delicate strategy. You're related to the human culture. If you smoke if you just WANNA get high off whatever you WANNA get high off of. Hurting anybody else I think then you go to jail for that is so fucked the same hatred you have then. You better hatred. Okay, the same disdain you'd disdain. Don't try DA this call them fucking evil. You can't call someone evil without having some disdain about him because he would never just call someone I don't think layer evil as individuals ethnic. Able think because they think they have the same kind of gauge or whatever this kind of you have. To the people that trying to collect bills. They're just loyal to a fault to their government here and if you sleep that. Movement Alabama last week Wade into to kill somebody. Okay wait! You might auto peed on. All the people. You just. You know people.

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