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Sandwiches for five dollars. Well in that case the forecast calls for rain sun, partly cloudy, high low scattered isolated umbrella jacket flip lots one hundred percent chance of look it up on the internet. I've got sandwiches. The humidity do point get to Dunkin bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for five dollars. America. Runs on Dunkin participation may vary. Limited time offer. Exclusions apply. North and South Korea have agreed to officially inform. The International Olympic Committee of their intent to co host residents of London's Neo bankside apartment complex enjoy spectacular views over the city, but as AP correspondent, Karen China's reports some are unhappy at being undisputed themselves disgruntled neighbors of the Tate modern gallery complaining that a viewing platform at the Tate. Just opposite. Let's hundreds of thousands of tourists a year peer into their hands and I'll taking the gallery two coats. They once a full gallery too close of part of the tenth floor terrace, which is three hundred sixty degree views, the London a lawyer for the man is told the judge that the platform news by up to one million people a year constitutes a relentless invasion of the resident's privacy. The galleries pool it says the simplicity is for the residents to Joe that blinds and as necessary to put up catton's Cantamessa London. A bullet dented golden medallion to park was wearing a nineteen. Ninety four when he was shot five times is just one of the items that's been donated to temple university. The rappers items will be on display at the school's main campus at the Charles L blocks an afro American collection about a dozen items that belong to secure were donated to the collection by New Jersey based golden auctions. Among the pieces included are handwritten lyrics as well as handwritten track listings for unreleased albums Jacor was working on before his death. In nineteen Ninety-six also included in the donation is the diamond earrings. She was wearing when pictured on the cover of the album all eyes on me. The collection's curator said the blackston collection will increase its focus on hip. Hop culture with the addition of shakers items, presidential style campaigning. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, President Trump and former President Barack Obama agree on one thing as they hit the campaign trail people have to vote in the midterm elections. For one simple reason..

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