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But why pork role because it perk road is big taylor hamid big enough jersey lordhill ido it taylor ham was or pork role until i moved to the northeast he'll lightowler add insane and like it i said i didn't know what it was now i do not like it like once every three years yet it's not great for you but every three years right so we have the ah you know what you're in here right greg i am a writer frontiere reason i am exact it's time to spend the wheel of games and on the wheel today elvis we've got a lot of great gains we've got feet stink name that whom porter wounds smacked my buddy and could quarter so all of africa another kid cooking and i want to play game what what what what was the last one again on the wheel cooler quarters saw date auditory fia than a great game i think it's a game with more i know which led t no no no no that sounds like it's spanish yes of course but it sounds accuser mispronouncing a little kuncoro saw day order dole get off the the list list let's see if it lands on name that who stink the kuwaiti construct much macbook or concausa puerto grumpy would you say lloyd's there it cook wars the day autograph appropriate the wheel landed there on margarita day i told you the we'll is weighted ergonomic virtual do you know what you're saying i was told that that is that is up spelling bee in spanish okay we'll do not as you're saying you're you're almost saying it sort of correctly all right let's go get our contest an online for a great tease game day hello tammy.

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