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England scotland ireland. Italy sounds great. okay keep. let's keep that on the list. Ethics discuss cubicle. Brazil chile sri lanka onto yet. She is awesome through. All of these places are amazing but she likes greatest place i've ever been. I have an and love for sri lanka that knows no bounds. okay but which. Which of those places do you want some bullet points on. I've never done any research. Remarka- really i've been hearing about it but it's a very small islands you if you're torres you don't need to rent a car because it's so small that people are very willing to driving places. A lot of people are just like down to drop whatever and help tourists because tourists bring money in. it's cool When i when we got there the guy who drove us from the airport to our hotel in the capital city who we didn't want we were living in new york at the time so we didn't really check out the city when there was like other all sorts of stuff guys driving he goes. Oh where's your next stop. We're go we're going to this place called gold coast. He goes you gotta ride. We're like no he's like i can come pick you up again tomorrow. Just drive you down there. We're like yeah. how much is it and it was. It was a couple of hours drive. And you'll really understand this. The analogy is distance wise and time wise. It would be like. He gave us a ride to philly from new york for like thirty bucks. Yeah and there's almost no american tourists and a lot of the other countries that do frequented their countries that don't have tipping system. So they're like site on americans because they're like hey that'll be x amount of money and then really cool and here's twenty percent more from them. They're just awesome. And we're like yeah no you you work hard you only charge me twenty five bucks for this ride. Make it thirty like so. You don't need a car. They have these things to took so that you can drive around cities in where it's like these little buggies people giren. The food is amazing. The sites are amazing. Everything's and most of all just in my experience is the kindest people just the kindest most welcoming people i've ever been around where we go back to one of those places. Which would it be. If i could only go back to one. It would be sri lanka. I love chile. Even though we put ourselves in some really ill-advised danger there through lack of research. We drove from the cities with a friend of mine. Got married and place zap. And then we hung out in valparaiso little bit santiago little bit. Those cities are incredible. It's just cool. Artsy cities they have these old funicular elevators uphills. And then there's all the street art then we went to this place called san pedro de atacama in the desert north and we decided to drive. We should have flown. 'cause it's just like a trucking route through a desert i. It was not the smartest thing for us to do that. But san pedro data comma. Actually now that you mention it that that is a place that felt like actual magic. It was in the middle of a desert in chile. I'm talking a desert. I'm talking you drive for hours and you don't pass any towns and all of a sudden there's this oasis of town that's just like artsy with all these amazing restaurants and things to do and again co very kind people very kind people. It sounds beautiful. I've got my first vacation coming up from that whole year. Stint of just working going over to nevada area gonna drive and and Just enjoy the hiking. Enjoy the sights on the marriage side about. I've never been far west. You're gonna drive from nevada first of all driving cross country as an american. I almost feel like it should be required. I've been daydreaming about how to start some initiative and figure out like you need. You need to travel this country ground level. You can't just fight over. You need to meet people. You need to eat at local places there you go. Upstate is. I mean really open your world it absolutely changes your opinion of of like how we actually function versus like the way the internet tells us we do but i gotta say for took it all i guess right after lutely. Yeah you you cut through. All the mike the basic level stuff and your life is layered and people are people and that's cool and i will say though for somebody who has spent seven days a week driving surpri surprised you wanna do a roach. It see some Different stuff you know. I'm so used to seeing the same couple of blocks that Yeah we'll stir-crazy get who you going with my family Nice my mom and my brothers very excited. Nice i've I've done one trip before i was not. I guess i'll cross country but it was pretty long. I went from here to texas with friend. Get hall her a convention. Yeah oh my goodness. I i have Mild nor klutzy. So it made some of the driving. Maybe a little scary okay. All right yeah. That's all right. Yeah that doesn't again. You drive all time. Let's concern but that's okay. That's a cam not want to judge what berries the i got you. I mean you are yet. Is it narcolepsy or is it that a heartless and that's operating with no heart right now is driving into the ground. I'm sure there's debate to be had there. Yes by debate to do you know what route you're taking to go to nevada. That's a good question. i do not know. I've driven cross country. Five times i can. I highly recommend. I have many romantic. Have a lot of romantic love of following old route sixty six. That's my let's go to. I think that's probably gonna be the one right. I mean historic. Yeah it's not the quickest route but you get to see a lot of places that are like clearly used to be thriving and oftentimes it can be a little sad but then you find places are still hanging on and it's really beautiful. It's really beautiful. Awesome more excited than anything. It's just The trip to get there. Yeah that's the real. That's the real race. The journey not the destination although the destination sounds great too modest. Great though for all hiking going to vermont alone constricted grand the magic. I was going to ask. Yeah the grand canyon. I gotta say it exceeds expectation in my opinion. Okay all right. 'cause he's seen it in movies and pictures and stuff but when you're standing there is it kind of is unfathomable what you're looking at highly worse it and fun fact. There's a post office. That's ride meals down to the bomb. The grand canyon to deliver to Reserves down there to who. You are a native american camps down there. Oh got it got it got. That's awesome. it's awesome did you. You're twenty three. You got your job a year ago. Am i assuming this was after college graduation. I did some move around. I did call about a half halfway down through college Then it took a little break. Just have one of those twenty something year old Try to find yourself things. Nece necessary live up and down the country a little or up and down the east coast.

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