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Finding drones which shirt whatever but one it suffers from what? I have said before were to that. Final battle. Didn't matter where it took place. I mean the the set of the Disney experts. I mean the world. I mean the Tony Stark was. It didn't really play into it enough. It didn't really factor into the especially since they were flying around elsewhere as well. The speedway is way way way. Better refined piece. I think for sure this movie yet comparatively and like I think you get a better setpiece it. With the fight we warmonger in the first one. It wasn't a great one but I think it ultimately was better as a set piece battle the Banter yes. I agree and as we'll see in the marvel films. The Banter between these characters are going to be what carries a lot of it especially during the fights enhances it. I think they hit the balance and amazing way of course during avengers but of course Joss Weeden is known for his banter especially during action pieces and between characters but that also comes around too. I think you're right. There's a lot of problems with this film in terms of the glomming. A lot of stuff together but the thing that holds up and I think the thing that does especially well are the characters in their performances. I mean the problem with incredible. Hope this mishmash of alchemy is also that I don't think the characters and the performances were there enough because the characters weren't have enough of a personality. Meanwhile you really. We knew already J. Right like we knew pepper but I will say pepperpot. Mvp For this movie for me like we give goop a lot. You know a lot of backlash for her rightfully so in real life crazy or today but as an actress. She's great the way she's like freaking out a speedway seeing the way she's freaking out the end. I think she does such a great job. And Gwyneth paltrow definitely given. Mvp Credit for this movie. Even though it's a movie with a Great Mickey Rourke and a Great Sam Rockwell. Her all the way that said you also get black widow introduction to the character that really hits exactly who that character is throughout this movie and we kind of glossed over. But this is the first nick fury really like before he was there for a hot second but this is the first time Samuel Jackson. Playing that character plays that character perfectly. Like brabin actually was watching it and she's like Oh yeah. It didn't even occur to me that this first time really doing it. Because I'm just so used to being like net nick fury. But he was nick theory out the gate in a great way personality delivery attitude. Everything was there for that character and I commend that I also. I really can't blame him for wanting to be contract and having more screen time because a last course get to the last man but not even that the last passionate franchise that man did that he heard about star wars. He loved Star Wars that he got cast in this role he got screwed in such a bad ways. Like can't blame them for being a fan comics still alive alive. You don't see the body Dizzy PLA I mean I would watch the hell out of Like Brussel hands is such a base. Do Fan but rustling feathers but like it is crazy that or it's not crazy that he wanted a better approach for this character because they know Jackson's famously comic books happen loans is the best hours worst. Are You Russell Hands? Also by the way I do have a comment to throw out there because everything that Mickey was doing he showed up and he had that toothpick and I was like. Who's he wendell like? What is happening here? Yeah that's the new winners at it but it didn't out for whiplash. Unfortunately he's ahead of his time was out of a window. God Wendell's like I like that and he fully co-signed on the nick fury of it. All A SCARLETT JOHANSSON AS NATALIE. Rush men AK Natasha Romanov Aka. Black widow was very nearly not natalie. Rush Maneka Natasha Romanov AK black widow. Do you know this way. I remember this very well so I am too. I think I maybe have a little bit of like a softer spot in my heart for ironman too because at United talked about how the MC you is sort of like our adult star wars like this. The movies started as you and I were like at the outset of our careers so young adults just out of college and now these movies are happening and they'd like to find my adulthood which is a totally different experience than something like Star Wars which defines your childhood for US anyway And not even the cool ones unfortunately unfortunately the prequels but I was I was. I was working as a freelance writer. At this point in time two years beyond our days together Wizard magazine Kevin and at this point in time I am a writer for MTV splash page. Which is the Superhero movie blog? Where it was the superhero movies. Were such boom now after iron man and after Dark Knight and everything like that that it was all superhero. All the time and there was like a full vertical created for it over an MTV news. And I was one of Tho- the lead writers over there and so I was covering iron man to very aggressively like anytime. There was a casting announcement ironically enough for me. Anyway ultimately a typically unlike the Hollywood reporter it'd be linking out to them all the time there was this big song and dance about casting in the MC you like. Who's going to be or WHO's going to be Steve. Rogers who are these people going to be and for black widow? It was fairly set in stone for a while. I think that it was gonNA be Emily. Blunt was going to be black widow and then she had to withdraw because of her pre existing conflict with the twenty ten movie co first travels. Jack lack one to bring it back to a survivor reference. Yeah Jack Right that. I don't want to talk about that survivor. Sophie Clarke judging this news very harshly soapies reaction though is so perfect just has obviously done totally fine in her life in in a very good way and it's not impossible that we will someday talk about Emily Blunt as somebody in the MC you shall we just be like Super Cool and join the bandwagon and caller shot here. Is We're recording in April twenty. Twenty April Twenty Second Twenty Twenty S. We're recording this. Yeah obviously I'M WE BLUNT. Krinsky are going to be invisible woman and mister fantastic. Like that's absolutely what's going to happen? It should be and it's actually really fascinating interesting because John Krasinski was also marry. Yeah cats in America's okay magin rewards test. He he was right there he was right there and then it fell apart in Chris Evans came in. And we'll talk about that in a couple of weeks. Yeah we'll talk about it in a couple of weeks have been great to see. It would've been interesting. We would've got that ahead of time that said if we lost out on that so we could get we blend in John Kuczynski as Rian Sue. I mean worth worth it. In my opinion I think that would on that hard to imagine. Black widow has anybody other than Scarlett Johansson who has already very famous person at the time in is like a good get here but like this is a star making turn for her. This is going to lead her to a bunch of like these big action roles that she has a lot of the Oscar buzzy success that she has beyond this as well some of the unsavory thing I was gonna say she also say a real dumb stuff in real life but just as we're GONNA hold that against Goop for purposes of the character and the aggregating she's great. We can graders that character. Get INTO THAT OFF. Line as much as you'd like hit us up on that it's hard to think of that character without Scarlett Johansson and yet like I. I think it's because like she is really treated very much as I can be here. She's just sort of like she's talked about as a sexual harassment lawsuit in making by by peppered. Tony the way that Tony is treating her. You're looking back on this ten years down the line in our modern moment. A lot of this does not play very well. I don't know how great played even at the time. What's your take on going back and revisiting? The black widow origin story is sadly still many months away. Even though as we're recording this it should just be like a couple of weeks away. But this is the first black widow citing in the and she's going to go on to be a foundational player. I mean it's it is. It is awkward and weird and you know problematic. I mean like you said Tony. Stark is a problematic character in terms of his womanizing for sure. It is a bad trait of his for absolately. I do think though to an extent it does establish what that character is capable of in terms of using that part of her to her advantage. I mean we see it in avengers when she's you know pretending to be this weak willed person against Loki when they're conversing and she's just like I it you gave me what exactly I need to know so I think in a similar circumstance for us is that to her advantage in terms of engraving ourselves. Finding out information she needs. You know infiltrating you know she basically type person. Tony Stark is and use that to her advantage to accomplish a goal she wanted to do. Tony comes off looking bad. When she comes off looking like she needs to be a black widow so that aspect. I think does still work. You know we're not. It's hard because I think people look at Tony Moment and are still like. Yeah Tony Stark. As opposed to like probably not great I mean we read it though right and he has to. I think character growth is important. That includes bad traits. Like I think Tony becoming a better person. Even in that regard is important and I think too that he does. This goes on so I think it works in black widow. She has great moments in this her flipping happy Hogan over immediately. Her favorite move by the way she does that. Move all the time. They'll like the leg flip. She doesn't the person who enjoys subduing somebody by choking them out with their legs. More than Jack Bauer. Who also loves this move quite a bit yes? Zana on atop from. That's right that's right. Jensen Big Fan of hers by the Russians. Yeah right what it is and Jack Lower but I get Jack Bauer. He lives in Russia now rested them as always arrested in the not arrested. Keeper wants to do it again. That's where he is. But yeah it's it's it's yeah. I think it works well another thing though I have to say is we did jump over it but I gotta point out this line before I forget again but roadies introduction with Don cheadle of what is the quote. I wrote it down here. But he's essentially just like.

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