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Of pro sport academy he's worked with elite level rugby for many years and he now teaches his own approach through his pro sport academy as well as being in his private practice. You may have heard david gray back on his first appearance on this podcast. Talk about how. He mentored unable sullivan and learned from him on things like delayed the extension and delayed the exception being a really important way of recruiting the gluten movements. And as i've talked with dave and heard him on other podcasts. Dave is a bucket of information. He has synthesized so many great physical therapy in humor. Performance systems out there into his own method. And dave gets results all the way from square one return to play all the way up to getting athletes ready to step onto the pitch on a high performance level. We can learn so much from his knowledge and on today's show. We're gonna talk about bridges. And split squad slouches on all forms. Basically how do we train the foot from square one all the way up to more high performance methods tons of stuff in here on the injury prevention gluts using drivers and advanced methods and return to play and even when and when not to work the big toe in trading so consider this a foot to hit master class. Tons of awesome information in here and one last thing is that some of these exercises. Go check out the show notes on the just sports dot com website. And i'll have some video links to some of these exercises that davis describing within the body of the podcast. All right. let's get on to it episode to forty seven with debut sullivan. Dave you know. I'm sure other countries are here in the united states. You know there's probably a little bit of a sadness of not being able to fully celebrate saint patrick's day and give it to do. But i'm sure in ireland. It's probably even worse. So how you guys managing saint patrick's day over there right now. Yeah so. I've in england. But i usually don't be thorough public six point steeping so instead of our staff to extend my staff. I've worked in a in a long time. So it's a bit different than watching jam. The horse racing today. That said that's a big patrick's day event Lavera so i might have might have a butler after after this mcvay but it's a very different heavy. Just be it'd be a little weird. I've never been ireland..

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