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Sports leader. Vans. This is Marty Lurie with another great game in giants franchise history. We're going to go back to may tenth of twenty fifteen. The giants are taking on the Florida Marlins as they were known in those days. It's a fourth game of a four game series giants and Marlins at AT and T park. Now the series has started off this way in the first game Tim Hudson lost seventy two second game. Tim Lynch pin number fifty five through a six nothing shutout at the Marlins and Madison Bumgarner lost his third game, sixty two. So the giants entered this game. It's may tenth two thousand fifteen with a record of fifteen and sixteen. It's a day game. It's a beautiful Sunday. It's the end of a homestand. Giants are three and three in the homestand. Forty one thousand eight hundred eighty nine out there on this beautiful Sunday. In may Ryan volda song is on the hill for the giants chose for the Marlins. All right here, we go. Lineups for the Marlins. Dee Gordon produ Suzuki ozone a- yelich Michael Moore's hetch, Averia Solano doing the catching and Lehto son. The hill for the giants, I okay and left. Matt Duffy, panic belt, Justin Maxwell and right. You'll hear from him later Susa catching Blanco and Senator Casey McGee third base and Ryan Vogel song on the mound. This one is scoreless says we get into the Marlin fourth Suzuki ends up growing out on a ground ball. Zun lines out the third, but Christian yelich singles steal second. And Mikey more schizo. Double puts the Marlins ahead. One to nothing head Chavarria. Then goes out pitcher this short to I as he knocks it down. All right now, we go to the giants six it's one. Nothing Marlins Noriega, okay? Gets a base hit the left field. He's still second goes. Third on a Matt Duffy ground ball to short good out for Matt Duffy with the infield in panic grounds out too short holding. I a third, but brand the belt comes through with the base hit to tie the score one one.

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