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Jeanine Herbst. President Trump has made Democrats and offer to end the partial government shutdown, but democratic leaders have already rejected it as a non-starter NPR, Shannon. Van Zandt has more Trump announced his support for extending deportation protections for undocumented immigrants and exchange for five point seven billion dollars in funding for a wall along the southern border number one is three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand DACA recipients wrought here on lawfully by their parents at a young age many years ago. Trump is also offering an extension of temporary protected status for about three hundred thousand emigrants, however, democratic leaders have rejected his proposal saying that it includes initiatives that were previously turned down Democratic Party leaders. Have also said they won't negotiate with Trump until the government is reopened Shannon, van Sant. NPR news, Washington. For the third year in a row women's marches were held across the country today. Bitter cold temperatures and an overnight snowstorm led. Organizers to move I o was women's March inside the state capital in Des Moines. Iowa public radio's Klay masters reports a potential democratic presidential candidate to stop their Des Moines is now represented by democrat, Cindy acne who defeated a Republican incumbent accident told the packed capital rotunda. The US house has changed. I see more women. I see more women of color. I see women and men from our LGBTQ community. And we are truly Representative of the people that live not only in our districts in our states, but across this country and that gives me hope rose green who came to the March with her daughters says she teared up when accident took the stage. She's.

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